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Favourites Friday No.127

Hello and welcome to Favourites Friday: Work From Home Edition. I started my new job last week and am officially a WFH girlie. This has been a major adjustment from me as I really haven't done the remote lifestyle in the pandemic. It has been very exciting getting set up and I went the extra mile to make my desk feel like a place I want to spend 8 hours a day. And while I'm still waiting on quite a few pieces before it's Instagram ready (hello backordered monitors) I am very excited to share the best pieces I've found so far.

RadLove Electric Desk

After years of sitting in an office to working off any random surface, when I realized I was about to officially enter the WFH lifestyle I knew it was time to officially invest in a desk. Because my desk setup is in a very visible part of the house, aesthetic was very important, as well as function. I wanted a sit/stand desk that blended into my home decor. This desk from ________ fit the bill perfectly (and was extremely affordable). The white edges seem organic with the white legs, and the oak top fits in nicely with the wood of my home. The mechanical functionality is amazing and saves up to four different heights. And the desktop is big enough to fit multiple monitors and all my essential office doo-dads (read: afternoon kombucha and to do lists). And if you're a single dog mom like me, you can easily build it by yourself in a little over an hour. That's with your dog needing to smell every part too.

Acrylic Monitor Stand

Again, aesthetic functionality is a big part of my WFH setup. I want beautiful and helpful. When it came to monitor risers I knew that acrylic would be the best so it could be the "white space" of my desk. These ones from ________ are amazing because they come in a set of three, so you can play around with angles for what is best for your setup. And the price isn't terrible either! As I find the perfect desk setup for me, these risers have been great for playing around.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Before you roll your eyes, yes, I believe spending over $20 on a mouse is ridiculous. But hear me out on why I spent $50 (on sale) on this Microsoft mouse. It fits amazingly in my hand, for an ergonomic feel without the bulky or ugly appearance. And the snapping feature to turn on and off is revolutionary. I mostly love how flat it is so traveling is a breeze - a big thing for me as I've broken multiple mice while traveling for work. My only change would be that I wish it worked with Apple products, but overall it's one of the best tech gadgets I've bought in a minute.

Bonus - it comes in lots of colours to match your setup!

BlushandThorn Desk Mat

I've never been a mouse pad girl, but I love a good desk mat. This Etsy shop makes the cutest ones and it was very hard deciding on just one. Aesthetic meets function for sure. I bought an extra one to travel with, so I never have to stick my laptop on a greasy/sticky cafe table ever again.

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