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Favourites Friday No. 128

It's finally summer in the PNW! After one of the wettest May/Junes in history, we finally have sun! Of course, I'm down in California this week, but I'm glad for all the Oregonians who are finally starting their base tans. And while I don't love super hot temperatures, I cannot wait for the next few months of patio happy hours, post-dinner park walks, and not needing several layers to go outside. I'm enjoying dipping my toes into actual beach sand this week before spending the summer introducing Teddy to the Oregon Coast.

Dirty Tequila Martini

Listen, when I first head of the "dirty tequila martini" it sounded so gross. The article I read on it turned my stomach. But as a lover of both dirty martinis and tequila - you know I had to try it! And it's delicious. The tequila, vermouth, and olive brine compliment each other wonderfully, making a silky smooth cocktail. Move over gin, I will be adding in blanco tequila for my martini order for now on.

Londontown Kur Nail Concealer

I am not a manicure girl. I got two recently for a string of friends' wedding events and the whole experience is not me. I did really like how put together my nails looked, but the chipping drove me up the wall. So when I saw someone talk about this nail concealer I was intrigued. The product brightens the white of your nails and makes your nail surface look more even, but is light enough that you barely notice chips. I'm absolutely obsessed with how lazy girl beautiful this product is, and that I can do it myself!

Old Navy High-Waisted Cropped Linen-Blend Pants

Now that Coastal Grandmother Chic has hit the trends, I am finally feeling myself this summer shopping season. Linen pants are a vibe, but I cannot pull off the wide legged pairs. These linen-blends are all the comfort of linen pants, but have a bit of structure. They're fabulous. I have the olive and beige and I've basically planned the next three months of wearing them to everything. Plus so easy to dress up (with nice sandals and a tailored button up) or down (with sneakers and a tee).

Trader Joe's Cashew Butter Cashews

Now that I work from home and have better access to food all day, I wanted to get into snacking. I came across these cashew butter-coated cashews in Trader Joe's and instantly needed to try. They are sweet and creamy, with that nice little crunch in the center. A phenomenal little treat that I will be adding into my rotation.

Lash Tints

Again, I'm a pretty low maintenance glamour gal. So all of the lash extension/lift/tint services have been ignored. But now that I need to be on camera calls most days and I have events most weeks (hello summer plans!) the idea of needing to wear mascara nearly every day was stressing me out. My poor eyes! I finally broke down and figured I would try out a lash tint to see if it would replace my mascara. My review? It's a super quick service that gives me mascara lashes for an entire month. Same overall feeling as an eyebrow wax appointment and I love that it has the same maintenance as an eyebrow wax. In the future I may explore a lash lift, but the tint itself is already quite the difference.

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