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Favourites Friday No. 129

Hey! It's been a minute!

After starting a new job in June, I went on a work trip and got COVID (which left me bedridden for over a week). As I started to get better, my dog got neutered so we didn't leave the house for two weeks. Then Portland came down with a horrible heatwave that never seems to end, and I kind of lost all hope of life feeling normal. And then it was the end of August. It's been a wild summer! So to start off Fall I am going to try this blogging thing again - we'll see how it goes!

Tilly's Limited Edition Hydro Flask in Cotton Candy

I've always been a HydroFlask girl, but lately I've felt tired of them. I switched up waterbottles a few times, but there's something about a HydroFlask that I love. So when I saw these special edition Tilly's 40oz HydroFlasks I immediately purchased one! I love the unique look and big capcity. It has become my travel buddy and in the two months I've owned it we have gone downtown, to Eugene, to the coast, and to every park in the area.

Nike Dri-FIT Alate Sport Bras

Listen, normal bras are uncomfortable and sports bras are unflattering. So welcome to the Alata bras, which have all the comfort of a sports bra but the fit of a regular bra. And they come in different coverages! I'm so obsessed with this, I now own two. I truly find them the most comfortable, supportive bra I own. Which means a lot considering I switched over to bralettes last year. The price tag is pretty comparable to a department store bra as well, so it's fairly affordable for a long-wear bra.

Spotify Car Thing

I have an older car and it doesn't have a lot of the fun music gadget like newer models. But I must have my Spotify playing if I'm driving. After being influenced by a sale ad, I decided to try out Spotify's Car Thing and I'm never going back. It hooks up so easily to my car's system and the different methods of installation make it easy to find a good fit for any car. The options for manual and voice control are also amazing - I am such a big fan! I can now listen to whatever I want with just my voice - we're in the future!

Blended Overnight Oats

I like the concept of overnight oats, but the big oat pieces gross me out. I saw a TikTok where someone blended their oats and game changer! Overnight oats become creamy instantly and make for a delicious and filling breakfast. I've been enjoying mine with cinnamon and chocolate chips, but would be just as good with fruit.

Dieux Skin Instant Angel

The Dieux Skin brand has been a favourite of mine for a while now, but I was nervous that their moisturizer would be too heavy for my oily skin. When I was restocking skincare the other week I decided to try out Instant Angel on a whim. The brand boasts "Instant Angel is your skin barrier’s protector. Deeply moisturizing, this nourishing face cream supports and repairs skin while giving an ethereal glow." It's not kidding! I caught myself on a Teams call the other day - sans makeup - and noticed how healthy and glowing my skin looked! My skin doesn't look oily and feels healthily hydrated throughout the day. Will definitely be a repurchase!

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