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Favourites Friday No.77

Sometimes life throws you incredibly large lemons. And you make a large batch of lemonade. It could be sour, it could be sweet, but it’s whatever you make it.


This week I took on a lot more than I normally do. At times it was stressful, at time very rewarding, but at the end of the day it was what I made it. This experience reminds me that every little step is worth it, even when I don’t see immediate results. I spent much of this week either glued to a computer or on my feet, and while I’ve gotten to this weekend feeling tired, I know it’s all worth it.

This week’s favourites revolve around the things that made this week easier or more enjoyable. Or maybe a little both.

Easy and Enjoyable: A Favourites Friday

1. Salt & Straw

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honey lavender X honey wildflower 🍨 @saltandstraw with my adventure buddy @gagan_k_malhi #portland #saltandstraw #icecream #portlandoregon #portlandfood #portlandblogger #sunlight #spring

A post shared by Morgan Hegarty (@potatoeshegarty) on May 27, 2017 at 4:56pm PDT

If you are in the Portland or LA area, you’re likely familiar with Salt & Straw. From their insane sounding flavours – olive oil, what? – to something as delicious as honey lavender, Salt & Straw is a must-go. I had the pleasure of trying Salt & Straw for the first time this past weekend and I know I’ll be back much more this summer. Salt & Straw is on my Portland Favourites list.

2. Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush

Your hair is only as good as you treat it, so why not treat it with a lovely brush? With bristles made of boar bristle and nylon, this brush treats hair well without causing breakage. I’ve really loved this for second day hair because it brings back shine and distributes oils, which is what I need when I’m on the go!

3. Soybu Killer Caboose Hi-Rise Capri Leggings

Image result for soybu killer caboose capri

As I’ve started working out again, I have fallen in love with these leggings. Supportive in the hip and rear areas, comfortable, and moisture-wicking, these are a go-to in my gym bag. I’m considering getting more pairs just so I always have a clean pair. When it comes to all-time favourites, these are making it in.

4. Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Bleue Perfume

Image result for tory burch jolie bleue

Do you like compliments 24/7? Or always smelling fantastic even though you’ve been sweaty running errands? Spritz on this perfume. I’ve been in a gross, smelly bar and still received compliments on how I smell like a “classy, strong woman”. It’s not overwhelming and a little goes a long way, making this my favourite perfume.

5. Steve Madden Ecentrcq Sneaker

Image result for steve madden ecentrcq womens

The best way to make my life easier and more enjoyable is to have comfortable shoes. These Steve Madden sneakers are the secret to staying on your feet all day. Not only are they very, very cute, but they go with practically any outfit. If I know I’ll have a crazy day at work, I slip them on as they will get me from Point A to Point B without slowing me down.

Stay classy, Internet,

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