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Favourites Friday No.87

There’s such a relief when I get around to writing my Favourites Friday post. It means the weekend is just around the corner and I get to focus on all the good things. And this week it means putting work behind for a few days.

This week has been crazy busy with work stuff. As the onboarding manager for my company, when a new person comes it means adding a whole new set of responsibilities on top of an already busy week. And to say it wasn’t crazy having the new person come on my busiest day of the week was difficult is an understatement. But I am excited to have another girl on our team!


With a weekend full of relaxing {I will be sleeping in} and finally getting cooler temperatures here in the PNW, it will be a nice break before continuing the hustle on Monday.

There’s Work To Do: A Favourites Friday

1. Sonoma Eyelet Peplum Tee

This is my new favourite summer work top. Not only is it super lightweight, but it is absolutely gorgeous. The coral colour is flattering for all skin tones and the sweet eyelet detail makes it visually interesting. And the peplum makes it perfect for pairing with your best work pants or jeans!

2. Foldable Laptop Stand

I do a lot of my blogging work at home and usually late at night {it is currently 7:53pm as I write this} so I’m normally in bed typing away. That’s why I bought this tray and I’m obsessed. It does a great job of balancing both my laptop and whatever snack I’m having. I can look forward to many more long nights of blog drinking ginger beer in bed!

3. Tombow Calligraphy Pens

Image result for tombow fudenosuke pens

Fully inspired by my want for pretty handwriting, and my Blogging Little Sis’s experience in hand lettering, I have decided to take up calligraphy. While I still have quite a way to go, these pens are some of the best for beginners and the bundle is perfect for all the practice I’m planning on doing. Want to join me on my journey? Sign up for Becca Courtice’s free calligraphy course.

4. CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup

I’m a pretty big fan of drugstore foundation and I always find myself going back to CoverGirl. This foundation is my latest obsession as I find it lasts through the longest days, even when I’m running in 96 degree heat to different meetings. And the colours really do work with any skin tone!

5. Starbucks Matcha Lemonade

Image result for starbucks matcha lemonade

This is the all-time best summer drink. When the heat gets to me I grab one of these sweet babies, which I love because of their sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavour. This is my favourite thing to get at Starbs hands down.


Have a fantastic weekend! Have anything fun planned?

Stay classy, Internet,

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