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Favourites Friday No.89

After a week of many technical difficulties and some unexpected curve balls, I’m finally back to blogging! And in time for Favourites Friday!


This week was crazy as I am preparing for a very fun weekend (check out my Instagram this weekend to keep up!) and was dealing with a lot at work. My biggest lesson I learned this week is that sometimes you’re going to want to have an absolute hissy fit when coworkers upset you, especially when everyone is busy. But now it’s the weekend and it’s time to rejoice!

Psyched for Saturday: A Favourites Friday

1. Sally Hansen “Sheer Nirvana”

from Pinky Sally

I love white/pink polishes that instantly make feet look more tan while not looking harsh. This polish is the perfect colour for that, and is incredibly easy to apply. You will need a few coats to get that perfect coverage, but it is so worth it. Will be wearing this on rotation for forever.

2. My dog, Cooper


That little paw tuck is so cute, miss this little pupper so much #dailycooper #doglife #dogstagram

While scrolling through my photos I happened across this little gem and it reminded me of all the undying love and hope that dogs give off. I’ve always had a dog and I truly believe they are the best animal. Cooper reminds me always to love life, and to make any piece of furniture my own.

3. The Living Apothecary

On my recent kombucha kick I have been trying different probiotic drinks, and The Living Apothecary’s drinks are amazing. The hibiscus flavour is by far my favourite, but the tamarind black tea is in a close second!

4. The Solar Eclipse

Image result for solar eclipse meme

If you haven’t been living under a rock you will know all about the solar eclipse that happened on Monday. With a 99% visibility in Portland, I spent most of Monday morning walking in and out of my office to check on the sun. But what a cool event!

5. High-waisted jeans

After wearing mid-rise jeans for the better part of the past year I have gone back to high-waisted. I love how they hold my figure, plus they are incredibly comfortable. Plus this pair from H&M will forever be the best pair that ever existed.


Can’t wait for you all to join me on my fun weekend plans! Lots of brunch, festivals, and family galore! @PotatoesHegarty

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