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Favourites Friday No.92

Before we get started I want to celebrate something: The first day of Fall.


If you’re unfamiliar with my love of the autumnal season, just know that I look forward to it all year round. To celebrate I even wore a cable knit sweater today! There’s something about a season that centers on feeling cozy, eating feel-good food, and creating a world of orange, yellows, and browns. And as of today, it’s all I’m about.

In honor of this special day, I’m sharing the small introductions of fall that I made to get myself into the festival autumnal mood.

Fall Feeling: A Favourites Friday

1. Chelsea boots

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If you didn’t know, Chelsea boots are my all-time favourite boot. I love the little splash of fabric, the cut, and the style. They are the perfect fall boot. From wearing my brown suede ones with tights and dresses to my waterproof black boots paired with jeans and sweaters, I am already ready for a whole season of wearing these fantastic boots.

2. Oktoberfest


Arrived just in time to watch the little puppets put on a show.

Here in Oregon, we head down to Mt. Angel for their Oktoberfest celebration. I went last weekend and had such a great time eating German sausage, watching dancing (which was so cute!), and experiencing the first rain of the season, my very first Oktoberfest was a success!

3. Sweaters

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If Wednesday’s post was any indication, I am very excited to start wearing sweaters every day this fall. In the last five days I’ve already worn four sweaters. There is nothing that makes me feel as snuggly and secure as a sweater.

4. Soft curls

Keep your curls hydrated and frizz-free with Rahua Control Cream Curl Styler. In order to control abundant, rebellious, voluptuous, and strong curls, one’s hair needs hydration! Rahua Oil delivers moisture, while Shea butter and molasses provide hold for curls in need of control, all while leaving hair soft and touchable. The Control Cream Styler gets even the most stubborn and rebellious of curls to behave. You'll love the uplifting Palo Santo scent! #greenbeauty

My big barrel curling iron is about to get a lot of use this autumn. Big, soft curls are all I’m about and I’ve been perfecting them all week. The soft feeling (and minimal time) reflect the season well, and they are always picture ready.

5. Pumpkin everything

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Yes, I am prepared to be 90% pumpkin all fall long. I’ve already tried pumpkin cookies and had an honorary PSL. I can’t wait to get creative with new recipes, and resurrect my old favourite pumpkin honey overnight oats.


What is your favourite part of fall?

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