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Favourites Friday No.93

This week has been one of the best weeks in forever. Actually, it might have been one of the best of 2017. It renewed my faith in good things and made me a little less cynical. My therapist would be very proud.

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While the last few weeks have been me stressing over finding a new apartment, I am very happy to announce I found a new apartment this week. I’ve been scrambling to find a roommate/affordable apartment, and by the hand of God I found a place on Tuesday that was pretty near perfect.

With faith, anything is possible.

Other fantastic things happened as well (went on a great date, it rained, my skin cleared up) but finding an apartment was truly a godsend as I feel all of that stress fade away. My parents used to have a saying in their bathroom that said, “When you worry, God laughs.” And God has been laughing like a loon at me.

I am so grateful for all the good that I’ve experienced this week, and look forward spending my weekend giving some of it back.

Having Faith: A Favourites Friday

1. Will & Grace

Image result for will & grace 2017

It’s back! After all these years without it, the iconic network show is back on TV and I am so happy! A show that celebrates equality, sexuality, hilarity, and friendship, I am happy to once again have a show that reminds us that we’re all crazy, yet wonderful, people.

2. tarte Park Avenue Princess bronzer

Image result for tarte bronzer

So, if you don’t know me, I’m not a bronzer girl, but occasionally I’ll pick up a sample of something and give it a go. Did you know this is a fantastic eye shadow? Not once have I had any fallout and the colour compliments my blue eyes very nicely. And it can be used as bronzer! Highly recommend!

3. Dagne Dover card case

Image result for dagne dover card case

I love a good wallet, but I hate carrying my big one around when I’m out for errands or dates. That’s why I love this beautifully crafted card case for sticking the essentials (debit card, ID, cash) in. I receive so many compliments on it and believe everyone needs one for those small purse days.

4. Ballerina bun

A simple knotted ballerina bun for a beautiful bride. // #hair #beauty #wedding

All week I have been about the high bun. It’s casual, easy (especially if you have these hair pins), and goes with any outfit. From a messier style to sleek, no matter what look I’m going for a ballerina bun is the fix.

5. Dunkirk

Image result for dunkirk

I went to go see Dunkirk this weekend and was pleasantly surprised (and completely horrified) but the amazing cinematography and story. I literally turned to the person with me at the end and said, “So. Much. Drowning.” But as someone who spent the last few years with a war veteran in the family hearing his stories, it was nice to think about how his stories and the movie related in time.

Also, Harry Styles’s character was kind of a jerk, but I liked his hair.


Everyone have a great weekend! I’m meeting up with a friend and going to see Battle of the Sexes!

Stay classy, Internet,

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