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Favourites Friday No.94

Who else is ready to snuggle up with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a book? Nothing has ever sounded as good as a little bit of cozy in my life.


This week has brought challenges like any other (my laptop once against on the fritz, stress at work, and a beautiful new pimple on my cheek) but has also been rewarding in that it reminded me that with each week there are good weeks and there are bad.

With the colder weather coming in – a blessing, if you ask me – I am sharing all the fuzzy, cozy, cuddly things from this week that kept me in a good mood.

Cozy & Cuddly: A Favourites Friday

1. Gap Super High-Rise True Skinny Jeans

Buy here

I’m obsessed with these jeans! They are flexible, comfortable, and perfect for when I’m lounging or working. I plan on living on these all autumn long because there’s seriously not a better pant around.

2. Blanket

Similar here

I love a blanket that I can cuddle up with all day no matter what I’m doing. From sitting on the couch working to snuggled in bed, I love a soft blanket like this one.

3. The Year of Cozy

Buy here

If you’re looking to add a little cozy in your life, look no further! I plan on trying so many of these crafts this season, especially making my own candles to set up in the new apartment!

4. Topshop beanie

Buy here

Topshop makes the best beanies in existence. I have had my beanie – an older version of the one linked – for years and I seriously wear it almost every day once the cold rolls in. It is warm and well made, and always looks amazing.

5. Breakfast in Paris tea

Stash Tea Breakfast in Paris Black Tea, 18 Count

Buy here

This tea is my new obsession! It’s sweet, yet strong, and I have a cup every morning. Of course, I splash a little vanilla into my mug too, because it makes the perfect little faux latte for a cold morning!


What is everyone up to this weekend? I’m starting packing!

Stay classy, Internet,

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