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Favourites Friday No.95

Have you ever felt the need to hit refresh on your life? That was me this week. Tired, grungy, and not in the mood to deal with any responsibilities. But, as all twenty somethings know, there is no “avoiding” adulthood when you’re low on energy. That’s why I needed to hit “refresh” to get through this week.


Growing up, I was always the girl who “had it all together”. I have an limitless amount of energy and can easily switch between early bird and night owl. It’s not hard for me to get everything done and then some.

So on weeks where I feel like the monster from the black lagoon, I rely on a few things to get me back into fighting shape when there are meetings to be held, writing to be done, and an apartment to pack up.

Hitting Refresh: A Favourites Friday

1. Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

Image result for algenist complete eye renewal balm

When I’m not sleeping enough my eyes become puffy, sallow bags of sad. It’s actually tragic. But because I still have a life and needed to meet with people, this lovely eye cream actually made me look presentable for 90% of my week. It goes to show that eye cream truly is one step of the beauty process that cannot be missed.

2. Dewy skin

Image result for caudalie serum

In fifth grade I heard this on the radio: “When you look good, you feel good.” It’s stuck with me for the last 11 years. That’s why when I’m feeling gross I make sure my skin looks healthy and fresh. That’s why I love this Caudalie serum because of how radiant it makes my skin look.

3. TJ’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea

Image result for tj's harvest blend herbal tea

It’s fall at Trader Joe’s! I picked up a box of their Harvest Blend Herbal Tea and am addicted. It really does taste like autumn in a mug and with no caffeine I don’t have to worry about headaches. A cup in the morning brought a little joy to my week.

4. Elliptical

If you think #EllipticalBenefits are solely related to losing weight and toning up, think again! Click the following link to find out about the top 6 elliptical benefits:

My coworker and I were talking this week about how the gym makes us feel better as people. And after a few days of skipping the gym for life commitments, I could already feel my mood slipping. But when I hopped back on my elliptical {where I basically push myself for 25 minutes and then spend the next forty leisurely moving while watching a movie} I instantly felt better. My energy seemed existent. It was glorious!

5. Garlic lox bagels

Image result for lox bagel

I believe that meals are important and can dictate how we feel. Who doesn’t feel amazing when we eat something that just hits the spot? That’s why I made the conscious decision to have garlic lox bagels {pretzel bagel, cream cheese, lox, and garlic salt} for breakfast. It made me look forward to my mornings and kept me full through my bad mood.


This weekend I’m so lucky to have my parents in town {they just finished their two week road trip!} and to start packing for my big move next week. What are you up to?

Stay classy, Internet,

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