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Favourites Friday No.97

I can tell you all I am doing this weekend: Unpacking, drinking Vitamin C, and sleeping. That’s right, as I come to the end of my move, I am sick.


Every night this week I ended up crashing before 9:30 from working an 8-hour day and then moving boxes in and out of apartments. It’s insane how much moving takes  out of the body, and I cannot wait to finish hauling home goods. And while I’m weeks away from having a place that looks like a squatter’s (see my IG story for updates) I will be glad when I’m finally done this weekend.

As for the new place, I’m loving it! So much natural light, and I can already tell that I’m going to be spending a lot of time at the breakfast bar on my new stools.

Sick & Moving: A Favourites Friday

1. Manna Kadar Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo

With moving and being sick, my skin has become a bit lackluster. I love this highlighter because it isn’t sparkly or holographic like others, but simply adds a natural shine to my face that makes me look like I got a full night of sleep and don’t feel like I’m dying a slow death.

2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Image result for csi crime scene investigation

This is my show right now. I started watching it because I love Ted Danson, but ended up falling in love with everything about the show. I’m totally team Nick Stokes (and won’t shut up about it) and find it the perfect background noise when I’m working.

P.S. The 2000s mock turtlenecks are to die for!

3. Pacifica Strong & Long Conditioner

I’m really in love with this conditioner because it makes my hair ridiculously soft (I have to use so much volume product now) and gives lots of shine back to my locks. This brand has quickly become one of my favourites and this conditioner is definitely one to try if you have dry hair.

4. Trader Joe’s Three Cheese Sauce

Image result for trader joe's three cheese pasta sauce

This sauce might be all that got me through this week. Mix with some oregano and a pinch of salt and it is the best sauce over pasta. And when you’ve been fighting the flu and walking up and down stairs – plus working! – that warm, cheesy sauce is amazing.

5. Niall Horan’s Flicker

Image result for niall horan flicker album

This album is so good, listen to it now. I’m not going to tell you more, just listen to it.


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