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Favourites Friday No. 99

This week I challenged myself to dress up my work wardrobe. Which might seem like a pretty blah challenge, but considering I generally get dressed at 5:45am, earrings early in the morning don’t usually happen.


I came up with this challenge from something I’ve always believed in. “If you look good, you feel good.” And knowing I was going into a busy week this week, I wanted to feel good despite the stress. So I got to work and each day put together outfits that looked professional, were practical, had accessories, and felt special because they had purpose. Anyone can wear a fancy shoe, but not everyone can wear a fancy shoe well.

This challenge taught me a lot about myself and how I approach my own fashion sense. I love to dress up and add flair to my look, but I dislike spending more than a few minutes choosing clothing. Because of this, I quickly found staples that instantly made me feel dressed up and put together without the time strain. Today I’m sharing those with you.

Working the Work Wardrobe: A Favourites Friday

1. Chiffon


Chiffon is one of those fabrics that always looks dressed up. Whether it be a blouse or dress (or chiffon pants, if you’re into that) it adds an element of sophistication to the outfit. I broke out my chiffon blouses this week and saw how they made me look instantly professional without feeling heavy or bulky.

2. Blanket scarves

Plaid Blanket Scarf with Fringe Trim


If you aren’t aware, it’s cold, rainy, and windy in Portland this time of year. And because wearing my thick North Face jacket is frowned upon in meetings, I found blanket scarves a good replacement. Easy enough to slip on and off, they shield from the cold when needed and look polished when paired with a more formfitting ensemble. Be prepared to see a lot of them in my IG stories this winter.

3. Black skinny pants

Skinny Pants in Marisa Fit


There will never be a more classic look than a black, skinny pant. Whether it’s my cropped black jeans or my tailored high-waisted LOFT black pants, I always feel chic and professional in a black skinny pant. From wearing black on black on black to black pants, grey sweater, and loafers to black pants and colourful everything else, I had a lot of fun wearing black pants this week.

4. Pointed flats

Cigola Flat


I’m going to disclose now that before this year I really hated pointed shoes. I never thought they looked good with my wide feet and I worried that they would pinch my toes. But ever since becoming the proud owner of black pointed flats earlier this year, I now see how essential they are to a work wardrobe. They go with almost everything and they instantly make me look polished on ever the most haggard of mornings.

5. Big earrings


I love a big stud earring. Nothing says, “I am ready for today!” like big stud earrings. They say that you took time this morning to pick out jewelry and can instantly dress up the most plain outfit. I alternated between a big pearl stud and some funky clunky polka dot ones I’ve had for years, and they both made me feel purposeful in my outfit choosing.


Overall, this challenge was a success and has convinced me to start putting more effort into dressing up for work. Even though I work in a pretty casual office, just feeling like a well-dressed professional put a little pep in my step that’s much needed some days.

What are your weekend plans? I’ll be spending most of it doing the last of my unpacking, but am treating myself to Portland’s youth symphony’s fall concert.

Stay classy, Internet,

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