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Favourites Friday: Olive Cookies Wearing Jeans With Bath Bomb Bones

Favourites Friday

Yay! It’s Friday! Which means it’s Favourites Friday for Everyday Enthusiasm and we all know it’s one of my favourite days (see what I did there?)

In honour of the weekend, my favourites this week are centered around comfort and relaxation. Because what else makes for a great weekend than comfort and relaxation? Maybe chocolate, but that’s included in the list too!

The Favourite Favourites of Favourites Friday

Safeway Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, have you ever eaten one of the Safeway bakery jumbo chocolate chip cookies? They have been haunting my dreams. They are so moist and chocolatey and so addictive I will eat four without even noticing. I’ve definitely been chomping on these after dinner for my chocolate fix!

Olive Green

This calming colour is such a great neutral. I’ve been wearing it a lot more recently and believe it goes with just about everything. It’s the perfect colour for a neutral room, to be paired with a jean jacket, or your nails for those earthy neutral tones. I’m obsessed.

Rolled Up Jeans

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear rolled up jeans 9/10. There’s something about them that are just better than anything else. Rolled up jeans were part of my ensemble every day this week, so they’ve got to be a favourite.


It all started with needing a Netflix show for all of my post-doctor appointment naps senior year. And then it ended with me becoming obsessed to the point I’m always checking for when the next season comes out. I’ve adored Bones for years now and I keep watching.

Lush Twilight Bath Bombs

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Best little treat having a @lushcosmetics bath when the going is tough #LushLife

A post shared by Morgan Hegarty (@potatoeshegarty) on Jul 31, 2015 at 3:35pm PDT

Okay, so I tried one of these and now I need one for every weekend. Just drop it in the bath and it released the most calming aroma and makes your bath gorgeous. Forget robbing a bank, I’m going to steal every Lush bath bomb ever!


What were your favourites from this week? Share below!

Who’s ready for Song Saturday tomorrow on Everyday Enthusiasm? Come listen to my latest hits!

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