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Favourites Friday: Street of Red Sleeping Pizzas Again

Favourites Friday

It’s our favourite day of the week: Favourites Friday!

This week has gone by in a blur. From working to spending time with my boo to just getting everything finished as August comes to a close and I get ready for vacation, it’s hard to have had time to think straight. But this week’s favourites have been pretty spectacular, if I say so myself, so let’s check them out!

The Last Favourites Friday…For Now

Red Robin

I haven’t been to Red Robin in a long time, but I’m so happy I went back. They just have the perfect food for any occasion and the servers are always great. From Merl this week to Barrington way way way back years ago (fun story: he was my server when I was crying when my mom dropped me off at university, and then he was in my CIS class) I always have a great time at Red Robin with their Nana-Nana Moo Moo shakes.

Sleeping in

I don’t get to sleep in very often, but when I do it is glorious! This week I got to sleep in a few days and it just made everything better. Those few extra hours of shut eye are the best!


Back onto the food thing, pizza has also been a favourite of mine this week. From craving it all week to finally caving in and grabbing one for dinner last night with friends, pizza has been a favourite that I am reminded of whenever my tummy rumbles. Oh boy, I love pizza.

Begin Again

I finally own a copy of one of my favourite movies ever! I adore this film more than life itself and I finally have it on DVD! I’m going to have to do a review on it soon to show off the amazing, passionate story, the spellbinding music, and phenomenal casting. Must watch.

Portland Street of Dreams

Last weekend was my mom’s birthday, so to celebrate, her, I, and my boyfriend went to the Street of Dreams in Portland. If you’re unaware of what that is, a bunch of designers are given the opportunity to decorate these gorgeous mansions on one street in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. The houses are gorgeous and it’s just fun to walk around and see everything I can’t own.


What were the favourites of your week?

Are you coming back tomorrow for Song Saturday?

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