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Female Seeking Brunch Buddy

Adulthood is weird. You have to work to live, you have bills, your metabolism is now a laugh, and making friends is hard.

Unless you have a workplace or a social activity filled with similar minds, it’s hard to meet people. You have to really put yourself out there to create friendships, and even more effort needs to go in to maintain them. That is hard!

Adult Female Seeking Brunch Buddy

As a new adult in the world, I am discovering this and am finding myself in a slump while I seek brunch buds and shopping partners. While it’s been difficult and I find myself sitting in my apartment alone, I know that life is about taking challenges and showing them who’s boss.

Now, who’s ready for some truths I’ve found on my journey!

Adult Female Seeking Brunch Buddy: The Reality of Making Friends as an Adult

1. Age is not important

In the six months I have been trying to make friends, I have ended up having book club with a bunch of thirty-somethings. Then lunch with a girl barely out of high school. At 22, I’m used to being friends with people my age, but I’m finding that I can be friends with anyone as long as we have things in common.

2. EVERYONE loves meeting up for food

Meeting people means eating food. Yes, hiking is great and so is enjoying the waterfront, but at some point during your meeting you’re going to be eating something. Food brings people together and in adult life it couldn’t be more true.

3. Being uncomfortable is just part of the package

It’s uncomfortable to make new friends. Especially when you’re not in school. So when you’re spending time with another adult in an effort to become friends, it’s awkward. You’re going to feel weird. You will struggle to find things to say. And you’ll wish your high school friends still spoke to you just so you could have a hint of familiarity. But you will survive!

4. 90% of the time it’s not going to work out

There’s a chance that you won’t hit it off. And that’s fine. It’s about putting yourself out there and expanding your horizons. Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it won’t work out in the future. Friendships are like relationships, in that not every friend candidate will be the one.

5. It’s all worth it

No matter how many times it doesn’t work out, or feels awkward, or becomes more stressful than fun, know that making friendships is always worth it. And it will happen organically. The right person is going to click with you, you just have to go out and look for them!


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