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FIFA, Fraud & Friday Adventures

I’d like to say I’m officially an adult now that I’ve had to deal with bank fraud.

Friday morning, after a good night’s sleep snuggled in my comfy bed, I went to check my bank statement to see that I had paid $49 to my EA Games account. Had I actually purchased something on Sims? Turns out my account was hacked by someone and they had purchased one thing on my account, one thing! And you want to know what it was?

FIFA ’15.

Now, I’m no expert on what to purchase when you hack someone’s account, but I know you want to buy as many things as you can before you’re caught. And FIFA ’15 does not seem like the world’s biggest purchase at a whopping $49. But Mr. Hacker Man, who am I to judge you?

Of course I called my bank and have gotten this all sorted out, but I’m a little miffed. Why? Because I have to pay with cash until the beginning of next week and that is no bueno. I am not a cash paying person. I like my debit card a lot, it is my best friend, my keeper of cash, and now this loser account hacker has come between this friendship and I’m out for blood!

This is a letter to the person who has hacked my, and several other EA Games/Origin users, account: I will find you, and I will make you feel my pain. I might not be big, and I might not be strong, but oh am I ferocious when I want to be! No one gets between me and my money without some consequences. And that beautiful fraud case I just filed against you, oh, may you enjoy every minute of that!

So yes, if you have an EA Games/Origin account (for users of sports games or the Sims or any sort of interactive game) please check your account to see if you have been hacked also. It’s not fair that this is happening to users and it’s better to check it sooner than later. I was lucky I caught mine two days after it happened. PSA: Being hacked is real life. And it’s scary and a pain in the bum.

That was my Friday. My weekend was much more chill (lots of movies and my boyfriend making me pancakes like the pro he is) and I’m counting down the days until I don’t have to use cash to buy everything. And the term started today, so wish me luck on learning and all of that!

I hope you all enjoyed this little PSA and have a really great first full week of 2015! See you later this week!

Stay classy, Internet,










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