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Finals Time

Once again we have reached the ending of a semester and finals are upon us. And this year, my Junior year, they are harder than ever. Three finals a day, four days. It’s a lot for someone to handle. But luckily, I’ve passed every one so far, and I’m going to share some of my success stories with you!

I’m not usually a study person, luckily being naturally smart and a good student, but this year my brain is being tested at a whole new level. I’m having to spend 3 hours sitting at my dining room table reading a Honors Chemistry textbook and memorizing formulas. I sit in bed with flashcards and memorize vocabulary. Whole lunches are spent discussing the latest essay subject. Finals are taking over life as we know it, so let’s take a step back and remember some of steps to an A.

1. GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP Get a whole lot of sleep. Rest your brain. It has been proven that by sleeping 9 hours and 15 minutes a night (as my APUSH teacher reminds me before every test) your brain gets the perfect amount of rest and readies your brain for the test. For me, going to bed at 9 and waking up at 6 is perfect.

2. DON’T PRESSURE YOURSELF Once you pressure yourself when studying, you end up not taking in as much of the study

material. By taking small breaks or doing something to distract you, you can take in the same material without overwhelming yourself. For me, I will spend thirty minutes of studying and then watch a 20-minute TV episode. My favorite? Going through all my vocabulary twice and then watching an episode of Boy Meets World.

3. EAT A REAL MEAL Eat a filling meal for breakfast, or lunch if your test is in the afternoon. Don’t eat too much, as you will feel uncomfortable, but make sure there is something in your stomach. The gnawing feel of hunger will distract you while taking a test. For me, a breakfast of cereal and milk with tea is filling, and a lunch of soup and crackers with pudding and water is too.

4. FIND A BUDDY Have a friend who is studying the same subject and spend some time together. Have dinner with them, and while you’re bonding over chicken Caesar salad and Diet Coke, discuss your topic. This works well with essays. For me, I usually have lunch with my friends, but PB&J and Man vs. Society essays go pretty well.

These tips will definitely help you get your optimal studying experience! Let me know how your finals go!

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