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First Apartment Starter Pack

It’s move-in season!

Things are insane around my apartment complex from people moving in and out. My new roommate is moving in soon (can’t wait!) and it’s time for everyone to know exactly what to bring to your [first] apartment so that you’re ready to go!

And all of that is why this post is about what you should definitely have in your U-Haul before move-in day (or packed into your mom’s car to the point you’re worried you might be pulled over).

P.S. All titles are hyperlinked to items I own or recommend (not all budget friendly).

Your [First] Apartment Starter Pack

Shower curtain

Always bring your own shower curtain. Whether your complex supplies them or not, bring one. Because life is when mold or something weird (for me, it’s pink slime stuff) will grow on it and you do not want to be charged.


Always check with your complex first to see if it’s furnished or not. And see if they supply a desk. As a person, a desk is so important – especially if you’re a student! Getting one with drawers is preferred, for documents or such, and getting a desk with as much surface area as your space will allow is a good idea – more room for your computer, textbooks, documents, etc.!

Storage boxes

This isn’t home, this is a small apartment that you’re probably sharing with multiple people. And storage boxes are the perfect way to keep all your stuff without taking up space. And let me tell you, you do not want to be the space hog roomie.

Small appliances

Think about what you use on a daily basis. Microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, crock pot, etc. See if your complex supplies any of these things, then make a list of what you know you’ll use the most. Or ask your roommates and see what you guys can divvy up!


Think kitchen towels, bathroom towels, hand towels, paper towels, and beach towels. All of these are essential to living in an apartment because you will use them every day. And beach towels are great for a multitude of things, such as picnics, going to the pool, and mopping up floods.


Besides just the blankets on your bed, having extras is great. I’ve used the big fleece one on my couch a million times, and the light throw blanket I keep in my room has worked many a time for when it’s much too hot to sleep with a duvet. And they’re great for movie night!

Hangers/chest of drawers

Where are you going to keep your clothes? Make sure to get hangers for a closet or a chest of drawers to keep your clothes organized and not in a suitcase on your floor. Personally I use hangers and have wire drawers to keep all of my clothes organized. Also, talk to your complex about what they recommend as they will really help because they likely live there also.

Command strips

Don’t want to pay a fine for wall damage? Command strips, aka perfection, are great for all of your hanging needs. From pictures, posters, hooks, etc. Command strips are your best friend. I use them for posters and for hanging multiple things around my room. They’re great for purse hanging and being a key hook. Because you REALLY don’t want to lose your keys.


I have a huge collection of mugs and I have no regrets. I have used mugs as drinking glasses, soup bowls, tea mugs, and about anything else you would need for a glass or bowl. Definitely have some mugs in your apartment for all needs. 10/10 recommend.


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