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Freshman to Senior

As we get older we grow up. (Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, ‘Wow Morgan, you are such an intellectual genius’) but it’s true.

When I was a Freshman, I didn’t really go out that much. I had friends who weren’t exactly the crowd I was comfortable with and I didn’t spend much time out of my house. I spent almost every Friday sitting in my room, chilling on my laptop, because I was socially awkward and uncomfortable with making new friends. I didn’t go to sporting events or concerts or even to the local minimart to get a soda. I was a girl who believed she was content sitting in her room watching YouTube.

Me, as a Freshman, alone and boring and basically content with no human interaction.

Now I’m a Senior. Last night I went to a football game, where I cheered loudly and talked to lots of people, all of whom were friends of mine. I didn’t get home until one. In the four years that have elapsed in my high school career, I’ve grown so much more than just intellectually, I’ve grown as a person. I no longer feel like an awkward person when someone in class talks to me. I mean, I’m now one of the people starting the conversation. I go out with my friends and have a good time. My laptop, although still a close personal friend of mine, is no longer my only Friday-night companion. I’ve matured, and it feels great.

Me (left), as a Senior, spending last night watching the football game. We lost, but I had so much fun!

Now, don’t think I’m condoning late night behavior. If you know me, that’s something that is only for the special occasion of when you meant to leave at 11:30 and before you knew it it was 12:40. My point is that people can change. I always thought I’d be the person sitting in her room at 9:00 on a Friday night, updating her Facebook status and wishing she had a boyfriend but wouldn’t actually do anything to procure one. Now, I’m the kind of girl who goes to dinner with friends and doesn’t get home until 11 and actually has friends who are male. It all is about getting out of that little bubble you can get in and just living life. For those who don’t know, I hate the term YOLO, but in ways it does apply here. You only get to live your life once, so don’t spend it in your bedroom, spend it with friends making memories.

Going four-wheeling = YOLO Chugging 7 beers = stop, you are an idiot

How have you gotten out of your bubble? If I can go out and have fun, you can too!

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. My favorite YOLO story is this: So, I work with at a children’s’ museum. One day, when I was behind the desk doing some paperwork, I noticed a woman and her 7-year-old son playing with a puzzle near me. I, by pure accident, overheard their conversation.

Woman: Do you know what YOLO means?Boy: Yeah. It means that you only live once, so you should go sky diving and exciting stuff like that.Woman: No. It means that you should do crazy stuff like run around naked in the street. Do you understand?Boy: Yeah. *goes back to playing*

I hope that kid ends up realizing how ridiculous his mother is soon. Otherwise, I need to move pronto.

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