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Get to Know the Blogger

Happy Thursday!

The week is almost done (thank goodness) and it calls for relaxation, hard work, and…coffee. Let’s be honest, coffee is definitely necessary the closer we get to the weekend. I thought today we’d take it slow and get back to the basics, aka, talking about me!


In the past four years my subscriber count has gone way up (do you realize there are over a thousand of you?!?!) and because of that some of you have missed kind of the basics of who I am and kind of what this blog is built on. Therefore, today is a guide to Morgan, your fellow neighbourhood blogger, and hopefully you’ll finish this post thinking we’re best friends! (We are best friends, right? Please let us be best friends!)

20 Facts About the Enthusiast (and Other Useless Knowledge You Will Never Be Tested On)

  1. I am an unlimited pit of celebrity facts. I know waaaaaaaay too much about celebrities. I live for celebrity information. I rarely have people tell me information about certain celebrities without replying, “Oh, I know.” It’s the reason I can only have a career in celebrity journalism because otherwise I have no skill.

  2. I am on my Mac 90% of the time. Whether I’m writing, doing homework, searching articles, or deciding on an ombré style on Pinterest, my Mac is usually attached to me. I’m a computer person, and content when I have my hand on a keyboard. It’s sad, but Cormac the Mac is definitely my best friend (despite my actual human friends.)

  3. I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was 7. I used to carry a black composition notebook with me every day in the second grade, similar to Harriet the Spy. I could barely write full paragraphs and I was already obsessed with the combination of words. And as I’ve gotten older, my love hasn’t faltered. I’m still the same 2nd grader with glasses who used her notebook as a lifeline for expression.

  4. I have a high stress problem. My stress is a major factor in knowing me. I’m a total Type A personality and I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t told, “Your blood pressure is a little high.” It’s something I struggle with each week and a topic I talk about often.

  5. I am vegetarian. About two months ago I realized that eating meat makes me feel ill. So I stopped eating meat. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made and something I am very proud of because I’ve stuck with it and it’s made me a healthier, happier person.

  6. I wrote my first novel at 14. After a very awful vacation at the beach with my family, I decided to write a novel from July 2009 to December 2009. It’s awfully written (I had zero concept of plot at 14) but it’s one of my proudest works at the same time.

  7. I’ve moved a lot. My parents are going to read this and roll their eyes, but it’s necessary to knowing my story. I moved from California to Oregon to California to Colorado to Oregon all within the span of 12 years. It’s been an exciting, yet terrifying, part of my life and has helped me shape who I am and, looking back, I wouldn’t change it.

  8. I love indie pop and classic rock. I have a pretty stretched love of music (I’ll go from One Direction to Van Morrison in the flick of a switch) but my true loves are indie pop and classic rock. I can never go wrong with those.

  9. I am my blog. I’m not kidding, this blog is 100% me. I don’t put anything on the blog that I don’t feel reflects me or my thoughts. I get offers for people to guest write and I end up turning a lot away because they want to write things that I don’t agree with or don’t fit with my theme. I write this blog about life and enthusiasms, I don’t want anything else. This is a safe place, and I don’t want anything corrupting that.

  10. I have gone abroad. A few summers ago I went to Europe for a week and a half. My favourite place I went was Belgium. Belgium is a fascinating place that is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to go back!

  11. I am a pro egg maker. I’ve been making poached eggs for ages and have it basically down to an art. It’s the reason I am wife material.

  12. I own a guinea pig. His name is Covington, he’s a baby, and we have cuddles all the time. It’s the perfect life.

  13. I am easily obsessed with things. This blog is called “The Enthusiast” because I am an enthusiast. I love things and become obsessed with them and love to share them with everyone. If you meet me, if you ask me what my current enthusiasms are you’ve just opened up a 20 minute conversation about the things I’ve discovered in the last week. I always have new enthusiasms and I love it!

  14. I am “the best babysitter ever.” I’ve been babysitting for years and it’s one of the most rewarding jobs ever. To be able to make a difference in a child’s life is amazing. I’ve been able to meet some really cool kids and a lot of those kids have grown attached to me, and that’s the most special feeling in the world. Plus, one girl said that I am the best babysitter ever, so thank you very much.

  15. I have a massive love for sweaters. I could wear a sweater every day if it weren’t for the fact laundry is a pain. I’ve never been a big fan of tshirts and sweaters are just cuddly and flattering and I have enough I could wear one for two weeks. It’s a problem, but a good problem.

  16. I love British comedy films. I also love anything to do with Nick Hornby. I have a shelf of my bookcase dedicated to these films. They are truly my favourite and my ultimate date is sitting on the couch watching “The Boat That Rocked” while eating guacamole.

  17. I am an Anglophile. I have been obsessed with England for as long as I can remember. I’m really excited to be going over the pond this summer because I’ve gotten too Anglo-American for my own good at this point. The culture really fascinates me and I’m notorious for British spelling.

  18. I’ve got a thing for dimples. I just really like dimples. It’s gotten to the point where if we’re talking and you have dimples, I’ve most likely have fallen in love with you.

  19. I consider family and friends priority. Nothing is more important to me than these relationships. It’s important to have a support system and to be a support system to others.

  20. I am an utterly dorky blogger with a passion for entertainment news and potatoes. I’m always going to be that blend of quirky and classic (I need that tattooed on me somewhere) and it shines through everything I do. It’s me, and I like it. Life’s more interesting when you accept life how it is.


And those are 20 facts about me! I didn’t think I actually had that many facts about myself. I hope you’re all a little more acquainted with this blogger and you’ll feel comfortable enough maybe introducing yourself in the comments! Trust me, I told you all about my egg obsession, you can’t possibly have anything more embarrassing.

Thank you all for reading! It’s so amazing to have you all on this journey with me! I’ll talk to you next week, and until then keep being awesome!

Stay classy, Internet,










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