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Growing Up and Getting Out

At my school we have a program that helps you get ready for university by providing you with all the adequate help you need. It’s a really fantastic program and my school really enjoys it. Today was my first appointment with a new volunteer and, well, it was the real start to my college career.

As I went over possible colleges that had strong English programs (as that is how I want to spend my life), I realized that plethora of states that I can move to. Vermont, Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, etc. it’s such a huge world and I have the possibility to attend anywhere. After my appointment, I was walking with my best friend, who wants to attend university in-state. I’ve always wanted to live on the East Coast, in a big city with Starbucks on every corner. And if I get my wish, I will be living across the country and my closest friend will be living right here. And it made me think about getting older and moving on with our lives.

The truth is, we spend all this time in high school, working together to finish our homework to pass our classes, studying late into the night together to ace our finals, and in the end, we travel to different ends of the country/world. And it’s quite depressing. But the happy note is that we move away and we meet NEW people. People who improve our lives in new ways. People who have lived in different cities and had different friends and who don’t even know about that embarrassing time Sophomore year when you spilled guacamole on yourself and everyone thought you had thrown up. Yeah.

We’re growing up, day by day, and it’s scary. If you’re in high school, university applications and SAT registration deadlines are dominating a schedule composed of homework and babysitting. For those in college, how you are going to spend the rest of your life once you graduate is clogging up your brain space. Your mind has a lot going on, but it’s all a part of growing up.

We’re growing up and going out into the world. Life is going to throw some screw balls, but just try to catch them and throw some back.

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