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Guest Post: Your Girl Curlz

Hiya Enthusiasts! Because of the absolutely crazy week I’ve had with touring San Francisco, meeting Meghan Trainor, and working full work days, a blog post is kind of thing for next week. But because I love you all so much, you deserve a new post! That’s why Alex from Your Girl Curlz (otherwise known as my travel/cuddle/concert buddy) has something great written for you!



Hola, Enthusiasts!

Curlz here! Morgan has been so lovely as to let me write on her blog! Isn’t that awesome? The answer is yes. That is awesome.

We recently went to a concert in San Francisco. We took the city by the hand and made it our bestie! The trip was amazing and I know we will both have so many memories from it. Our trip also got me thinking about something…

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When you meet @meghan_trainor and she can't talk so you spend forever trying to say something clever and end up just muttering hi when you get to her #MTrainTour #PotatoesAndCurlzTakeSF

A post shared by Morgan Hegarty (@potatoeshegarty) on Jul 21, 2015 at 11:02pm PDT

Concert Courtesy

I’m sure you’ve all heard of common courtesy. Yes, that is a thing. You know, being nice to people simply because we are all humans on this earth who deserve to be treated with respect. That means you say please and thank you. That means if you see someone walking behind you, you hold the door open for them. It means if you see an elderly person who drops something, you help them pick it up.

Well, the same goes for people when they go to concerts. Yes, I know that venues can be hot and at times stinky with all the people in a contained space, but that does not give anyone the right to treat someone like complete crap.

We all wait in line for hours to see the performers and we all want to get as close as possible to the stage so we can take pictures that we will later post onto Instagram. So what is it about these settings that suddenly turn people into mean ogres?

You know what I don’t understand? When adults take their kids to concerts but refuse to take responsibility for them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you shouldn’t take your kids to concerts. I definitely think you should because I think that music is something important to share with your kids and I also think seeing music live is even more important because it is such an amazing experience. But don’t bring your child expecting for people to let you get closer to the stage because your kid is too short and can’t see. As if you didn’t think of that yourself before going to the venue. I am not saying to not take your kids, I’m saying take a person taller than you like your hubby so that your kid can sit on his shoulders. Now that’s thinking ahead.

This is a concert venue not the scene of a crime, so unless you plan on going to jail by the end of the night don’t attack someone in the crowd because you are trying to get closer to the stage. No doubt I know for a fact that there will be some pushing and shoving. I will not deny that I have done my fair share of pushing… who hasn’t before, really? But I haven’t ever purposely tried to physically hurt someone. Why? Well obviously because it is wrong and mean, but also because I wouldn’t want it done to me.

Next time you go to a concert remember that you’re not the only one who waited in line for hours, remember you’re not the only one who paid money to come see this artist perform, and remember that you’re not the performers only fan so be ready to share the space. Concerts are about having fun and making memories that are not identified in pictures. So while you’re in a room with a couple hundred people how about you try and make a few friends. It’s not like you don’t have anything in common, you’re at the same concert for crying out loud!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post!

Until next time, be strong, be brave, be you,



Stay classy, Internet,










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