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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Yesterday I was lounging around about noon still in my pajamas (I’m on Christmas Break, I’m allowed to do that) and my dad came around the corner and asked if I could wrap some gifts because “I’m the best wrapper”. I agreed (because I am a phenomenally amazing child) and as I was wrapping it hit me. Next year, while I’m away at uni, my dad will not have me to turn to to wrap his presents. How is he going to survive?

This thought process made me think about the fact that this is my last Christmas with me living at home and how everything is going to change next year. I’m not going to be home to help wrap presents. I’m not going to be home to decorate the house. It’s going to be completely different. So I thought that I’d share some of my favorite Christmas/holiday traditions with you.


Every year we buy a tree and put aside a night of the week to decorate it. We get all excited and pour eggnog and get out our buckets and buckets of ornaments. Then my brother puts on an ornament (usually the one with his name on it) and then my dad puts one on. And then the boys are done. So we finish the night with my mum and I putting the rest of the ornaments on and the boys just sitting on the couch. I kind of like it.


I’m 17, almost 18. And yet, on Christmas morning I wake up ridiculously early. I hop out of bed, wake up my younger brother and wait until 7 o’clock for my parents to get up and get their coffee before I’m able to open my gifts. It’s not that I want the gifts that bad, I just can’t wait for all the laughter that goes on Christmas morning.


I know I sounds like I should be ridiculously fat but somehow the amount of chocolate I eat Christmas day hasn’t caught up to my metabolism yet. On Christmas day we get chocolate in our stockings, and it’s quite a lot. That means I eat chocolate when I first open my stocking, when I’m opening the rest of my presents, after we open all our presents, after Christmas brunch, and basically until Christmas dinner. And then we usually have a chocolate dessert. It’s a lot of chocolate.


Each year on Christmas Eve we go to our local church for Christmas service. I’ve always liked this service because it’s better than normal service. We mostly sing and tell the story of Jesus’ birth and we are all given candles. But mostly, I feel really close to the Lord. Christmas is a great time for family and friends, but I like the connection I feel with the Lord. It’s corny, but that service is something that has always been special to me.


What are some of your favorite Christmas/holiday traditions?

I hope everyone has been having a great holiday so far and has an even better Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever you celebrate. And now I leave you with my favorite Christmas song.

Stay classy Internet!

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