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Hawaii Packing List

HAWAII! It’s everyone’s dream vacation and I’m on it!

But before I left there was a lot of packing involved. Which meant lots of packing lists and lots of putting in and taking out clothes. But once my suitcase was packed and I was on my way to the land of sand, I was pretty proud of all my packing. So I thought I’d share my list with you.

Morgan Goes to Hawaii: The Packing List

Yes, these all start with S’s.


This one seems pretty obvious. Make sure to bring more than one swimsuit, just for reinforcements, and make sure they fit well. Wearing one too big means it could fall off, and wearing one too tight just hurts. For me, I brought a one-piece and a bikini, just for safe measure.


Sunnies! If you know me, you know I love sunglasses. From aviators to wayfarers to oversized, I own sunglasses in way too many styles. For this trip I brought two: a pair of non-prescription oversized sunnies I bought from Kohl’s 4 years ago (they are my babies and I bought them for $8 and if they break I will cry) and a pair of prescription sunnies from Warby Parker.

Or I would have brought two if my Warby Parker’s hadn’t arrived three days after I got on the plane…


I know everyone goes with shorts, but I think dresses are equally as important. They’re great to throw on over your swimsuit or for a casual thing to slip into when you’re going to breakfast or a walk on the beach. I brought several with me because you never know.


Feel the sand between your toes or opt for a cute pair of sandals. It’s so important to bring sandals with you because it’s great to have something to slip on and to have something summery with you. I recently bought the Steve Madden sandals above and I’m in love with them and everyone has complimented me on them.


It will possibly get chilly, especially with the recent weather. So bring a light sweater or jacket to keep the chill out, or to add to your outfit! I brought just a few light cardigans and a jacket to keep me warm.


Stay classy, Internet,










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