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Hell Week

As a person who has been in theatre for a few times, I know most of the terms. And one of the terms that always stick with actors is “Hell Week”.

Hell Week is the week the play opens. And it is every actor’s most dreaded time. This is when all mess ups, all missed cues, all forgotten props equal complete and utter chaos. Each time you forgot your line is as horrible as forgetting your grandma’s birthday. There is no mercy.

Currently, I am in a play at my local community college. We auditioned in December and have been rehearsing since the very beginning of January. Opening night? Thursday. Rehearsals are four hours long, we have to put on our full costumes (more than one for most of us) and I get home so late that I can barely keep my eyes open. But is it worth it? Oh yeah.

Hell Week is never the best time for an actor but it is when you finally realize “I’m actually doing this”. And that’s the best time for anyone.

Thank for reading and I promise to have some really fun stuff up really soon, or as soon as this whole play is over. I will have an interview up in a week or two and I’ll try to post some good pictures.


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