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Here's to Making Better Decisions

“It’s not about how we live our lives to make bad things not happen. It’s about, as we get older, taking the bad events and making better decisions on how we handle them.”

See that quote? That quote is by far one of my favourite things I have ever been told. And today we’re going to talk about it.

Last week I went out with my boyfriend for his birthday with his mother and some of her coworkers. The table conversation had turned onto breakups and I told a person at the table about an issue I’d had in my love life over the summer. And he responded with that quote. And, by George, I was floored by how insightful he was.

Because it’s true. We can live our whole lives avoiding bad stuff and calling it maturity, but that’s not what it is. Real maturity is taking what is handed to you and making better, educated decisions about it than you have in previous situations. It’s about drawing on previous experiences and making decisions based on what went wrong and what went right. And it’s learning to do this that shows true maturity.

I can’t word for word tell you the rest of the conversation (I was sitting at a table with several semi-drunk 30-40 year olds who were discussing man buns) but the part that I really took from our discussion was how maturity comes with how you deal with things. A major part of growing up is figuring out maturity and how to conquer it, and here was a golden egg for me to sit on and learn from!


This part of the blog post comes from today. I usually write my posts the day before I post them and today I decided to finish this post because I thought a lot about this blog post last night.

As I said before, maturity comes from making better decisions from your mistakes. I learned that last night.

Last night I was faced with a decision I’m sure few are faced with. Going with your boyfriend to urgent care because he can’t breathe or staying in bed at 2:30am and catching some zzz’s before a 8:30am lecture. The decision I made (staying in bed) was the wrong one. Because not only did I not catch those zzz’s, it felt wrong. And looking back on this decision, I now know what I would do in a future situation: Get out of bed, put on a sweatshirt and sleep in the waiting room.

This is not the right decision.

All last night I couldn’t stop thinking about this blog post and how closely it was relating to my life. Here I was faced with decisions and learning what decision would be better in the future. Maturity really is learning from your mistakes and remedying the wrong.

Having now applied this to real life, I will say that all of this is true. There is no better way to better handle situations than to learn from the mistakes of the past. And while I currently feel awful for the mistake I made last night, if it were to come to me again, I would make the right decision because I now know that is right.

And part of growing up is doing what you think is right.


I hope this blog post made you think. If you’d like to share those thoughts, please share them below in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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