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High School, Oh My!

First day of school. Fun…intimidating…overwhelming…

The school year has started and along with it has come a huge mix of emotions. Between easy classes and hard classes, classes with friends and without friends, nice teachers and mean teachers, being able to keep your cool on the first day of school can be tough. And those who can keep it, yeah, the rest of us kinda hate you.

I’m one of those people who, by the end of the day, end up just wanting to scream. After a straight six hours of hearing teachers repeat the same class rules, meeting new teachers, sitting between people you don’t know, and not knowing exactly what to expect for the next nine months, it’s really hard for me to keep my head straight.

After a long day, I came home. And I told my mum my worries about the school year. And she gave me some great advice that I am going to pass onto you.

  1. School is not social hour. If you don’t have friends in your classes, you can focus on your actual work (making you a better student) and you can make new friends. Win, win!

  2. Keep your head up high when you walk in class.

This advice really helped me and tomorrow I will definitely feel a whole lot more confident. The first day of school can really mess you up and I want this post to be able to keep you not feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I’m always here to keep you stable and happy. Just leave a comment on your current problem and I’ll write a post. Or write it on my Facebook page. I will try my very hardest to help!

And that’s what I have to say about my first day and my advice on help with your first day. School (especially clique-y high school) can be difficult. But with a little teenage enthusiasm, you know we can perk it up!

Have fun on your first day 😀

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