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Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are upon us! Christmas is around the corner – don’t remind me – and it’s time to get shopping done. But there’s a lot of different people to buy for, and it’s hard when there’s only one of you. Luckily I have compiled a list of no-fail gifts so that you’re the shining star of the holiday season.

holiday gifts

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

MOM | If your mom is as wonderful and picky as mine, you have a hard time shopping for her. Luckily this cute Everlane leather pouch {which comes in 6 fun colors!} is here to save the day. Perfect for her phones, lipstick, and credit card, your mom will be the cutest on the town! 

DAD | I think the general consensus is that fathers love nachos. Delicious, easy, and pair perfectly with a football game. Get him Gina Hamadey’s !Buenos Nachos! so that he can make every nacho in the book! The cocktail/beer pairing will get you bonus points.

SIBLING | While I know my brother pretty well, I still struggle for him since we’re only together a few times a year. Give the gift of music with this Altec Lansing weather-proof speaker [which comes in many colors for all your sibling needs} and prepare to bang on the door as they blast their Kanye and Chris Young*.

SIGNIFICANT OTHER | My parents have taught me that coffee in the morning is essential to any healthy relationship. So it’s time to add a cold brew maker to your house. This Asobu one is sleek, stylish, and is going to keep them far away from your precious Nespresso machine. Cold brew is also the best kind of coffee. Period.

IN-LAW/FAMILY MEMBER | Everyone likes breakfast. Your family is no different. Give the gift of warm, delicious English muffins and premium coffee beans with this Harry & David English muffin basket. You’ll continue being the favourite kid.

FRIEND | I think candles are always a great gift. And one that reminds your friend of home is the best gift. Homesick Candles has scents for every state, holiday, childhood memory, and college town. You could realistically get one for every friend.

COWORKER | The universal language is dessert. The Desserts cookbook has about every sinful after-dinner treat you could imagine, and you’re about to  get some brownie points in the office for how much they will love this book. Oh, and if you make them a dessert too they would like it.

SECRET SANTA | Is there anything more fun than buying a gift for someone who has no clue who you are? I’m particularly fun with my Secret Santa this year, but if you don’t have yours planned out, this Voluspa candle set is 1) adorable 2) smells good and 3) fits within the price range of most Secret Santas. You’re welcome.

*I am not hip with music. Do people still listen to either of these people?

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