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Homecoming Week

Once again it seems like I have disappeared off the face of the earth and am nowhere to be found. But you’re wrong. I’ve just been caught up in Homecoming Week.

In high school, there is only one more single week more important than the week of prom. And that is Homecoming Week. It’s dominated with dress-up days, dress buying, lunch activities, and the biggest after school activities of the year. And the last four days feels like four years.

I feel you girl...

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. To really understand all that goes into Homecoming Week, from the view of one of the people who helps put it together and make it so much fun, you have to get what I did this week.


Aw, the day it all began. It was College Day. To get Spirit Points, you had to wear something of a college. I decided to wear University of Oregon college clothing, as it is my father’s alma mater and where we own the most college stuff. I wore a U of O pullover and earrings with dangling Os. Compared to the other kids, I was the girl wearing the fancy dress at a casual party.

We also had wall decorating. Whaaa? Wall decorating is time-long tradition at my school. Each grade chooses a wall in the central area of the school and designs something to show our spirit. I won’t tell you the whole design, but the gist of it was: a toilet, feathers, and a whole lot of blue paint. Yeah, we Juniors have spirit.


’80s Workout Day. Never before has the 21st century seen so many leg warmers, spandex, and headbands in one location. I’m pretty sure a part of the universe shifted on Tuesday. My own attire included an old t-shirt from my dad’s work, leggings, tie-dye blue soccer socks (from my brother) and my Converse. Oh, and some seriously poofy hair. I tried, but I wasn’t quite as spectacular as the kids wearing side ponies and crop tops.

The after school activity for the day was a volleyball game. Everyone was wearing black and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. We had the best cheers and ended up losing only by a few points. I even got my inner cheerleader on with a few cheers!


Wednesday by far was the best day. One of the major events at my school each year is a huge Tug-of-War competition. Tons of girls sign up and are put into teams and in the middle of Homecoming Week face off. So, the dress-up day was to wear your team’s costume. The amount of girls coming in crazy, wacky, colorful costumes astonished me. My favorite was the polka-dot team, which a few of my friends were on, who just had the cutest little polka-dots on all their clothes.

I also went to the Tug-of-War competition. It was fun, but cold, and I had a really great time cheering people on. Of course, as a Leadership kid, I had to stay after everyone left to pick up garbage, but it still was extremely fun. And next year I shall be the one tugging on the mud in an eccentric outfit.


Today. It was school colors today, which are green and gold. I didn’t really go all out today, just wearing a green sweatshirt. But after a long week of dressing up and staying up late at school events, every girl deserves to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. It was also the Homecoming Assembly. We met the Homecoming Court (all of the girls looked so pretty and two of my friends were escorts!), watched the videos each class made for school spirit, and do this thing called Boys’ Dance Team. Boys’ Dance Team is this thing where boys sign up to do a special dance during the Homecoming Assembly. All the girls in Leadership who are also on the Dance Team help them and it’s just really entertaining. People use popular songs and in every single dance their was some Berney-ing. Altogether a successful assembly.

And that’s been my week. Crazy, hectic, funny, and great joy. Being in Leadership is making high school probably that much more enjoyable than when I wasn’t. This Homecoming Week has been really great, and if you also have Homecoming Week at your school, stop reading this and go out and enjoy it! And tonight is the Homecoming Game, so I’m crossing my fingers that we win.

Oh, and the Homecoming Dance. 🙂

Stay classy.

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