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How My Gratitude Journal Helps My Mental Health

First off, let me say I’m a cynic. Gratitude journals, sage baths – it’s just not stuff I believe in. I’m a traditional kind of gal. But when I received a gratitude journal as a Christmas gift last year, I figured I’d give it the ole college try before sticking it in the recycling bin. And four months later, it’s a nightly ritual I look forward to.

Part of what made me cynical is that I’m not the kind of person who is regularly thankful for my chakras or aura or alignment. That’s something I’m only into at yoga class with bird music playing. So the idea of having to choose something like that each day was not my scene. Then I opened my journal and realized that itdoesn’t specify what I need to be thankful for, just a blank line that’s mine to interpret. And so instead of tuning into my chakras, I just think about my day.

I think about what I liked. Was there a food that felt like a special treat? Did I do something fun? Was I around someone I enjoy seeing? Each night since January 1st I’ve spent 5 minutes each night choosing three things that made me feel thankful to be me. The other night I put “pizza” “time with friends” and “leaving work feeling productive”. Simple stuff, but things that make me thankful to be on this earth. And that’s what a gratitude journal is.

Taking this time to think about the good things in my life has helped me be more positive. Where I used to feel so down on myself for feeling lonely, or like I wasn’t doing enough, or that I didn’t have as good as life as I want, I now have a daily reminder that my life is pretty great. Even when I have a crappy day, finding those three things helps me go to bed feeling more positive about myself.

I talk a lot on this blog about finding the positive and choosing your own happiness, and for me, this journal has helped a ton. It’s why I share it now and it’s why I challenge all of you to try it. I love this one from Pretty Simple Press but even just writing it down in an adorable notebook {like this $4 one} would work. It took me a few weeks to really see results, so keep with it! And if you try it, let me know, I’d love to see how others respond to ending their day focused on what betters their life.

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