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How to Alienate Roommates (And Win The Bachelorette)

I have a roommate!

After a month of having my double to myself, I have finally been given a new roommate. Don’t worry, she’s really lovely and we’re both from Southern California and I have no regrets towards living with her.


It’s happened all pretty quickly (literally, the whole process happened in three days) and my whole dorm has been getting excited over the fresh meat. Of course, the girls kind of mourned the loss of our girls’ lounge (aka the extra bed in my room where we could watch films minus yelling boys) but we had to take one for the team to welcome in our newest member.

Anyway, on to the real point of the post (what do you mean the real point? The title says roommate and you were talking about a roommate) I wanted to talk about what happened before I actually met my roomie.

We’re sat in one of the dining halls, me and five other of my friends, and we’re eating burritos and fruit and discussing how big of Facebook creepers we are. At one point I mention that I’m having lunch with my potential roommate the next day. At which point, in a loud chorus, they all say,


Yes, their plan was for me to act odd, do gross things, and other repulsive behaviors just so my roommate wouldn’t want to live with me. Genius plan, but it did not go into effect.

You see, I didn’t really want my roommate to think of me as this gross girl (even though that would have meant keeping my single) because I wanted to make a new friend. That’s the nice thing about roommates, you gain someone else to meet and learn about. And yeah, some roommates don’t really communicate, but I think this is the start of a new friendship for me. So I’m excited!

Plus, since she was looking at other potential roommate candidates, I kind of felt like I was on The Bachelorette and I wanted to win*. It’s part of that fierce competitiveness that flows through my veins.

*NOTE: I totally won The Bachelorette like I was the hot guy with the charming personality.

Today is our first real day as being roommates, so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. We both own Nutella, so I’m thinking it’s a match made in heaven.

I hope you all have a super great week and are enjoying the first week of November. Mine has been crazy hectic, and will be super insane tonight, but this weekend is going to be so much fun! Love you so much Enthusiasts!

Stay classy Internet,

P.S. Yes, it is true, the posting schedule with be on either Wednesday or Fridays. But it’ll be a surprise to which day I do post on!









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