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How to Attend a Concert

Oh look, another blog post written during midterms week! And of course, it wouldn’t truly be midterms week unless something cool/interesting/waited for happened. Because if you remember

Fall Midterms 2013 – a friend visited

Winter Midterms 2014 – SLSP EP dropped

Spring Midterms 2014 – I surprise visited my parents

So, it’s safe to say that for Fall Midterms this year, I went to a concert. Phillip Phillips came to Eugene and it was awesome!! (Seriously, go see his show, it will knock off your socks his guitar skills are so rad!)

IMG_2794 corrected

Morgan’s Completely Ace Tips on How to Properly Enjoy Your Concert Experience

How to Prepare Yourself

  1. If you’re unsure of what to wear, Google Image search previous concerts. Get an idea of what others are wearing that way.

  2. Eat properly before. Actually eat something that will fill you up and give you energy for a few hours. Concerts are draining and you’ll need sustenance to keep you from fainting during the finale.

  3. Check your ticket details. Make sure that you’re at will call on time/know where to pick up your ticket. Sometimes actually getting the ticket is the most difficult part.

  4. Know how you’re getting home. I’m a fan of taking a cab usually (Uber is super good to me – get a ride with them using the code “uberenthusiasm”).

How to Act Before the Show

  1. Do not disturb those around you. Be chill and chat with your friends and just soak in the experience. Freaking out and being loud is going to make people hate you before the opening act comes on.

  2. Feel free to grab a snack/drink. Your seat will still be there (that’s why you bought tickets) and it’s important to stay hydrated. At Ed Sheeran a girl ended up fainting because she was dehydrated. Stay hydrated, especially if you’re in a pit.

  3. Take your selfies now! I know it’s super fun to take them when the artist is on stage, but you miss that experience/annoy your neighbours when you selfie then. Take most of your selfies now, and maybe take one or two later in the show.

  4. Save your phone battery. If it’s what you’re using to take the photos, you’re going to want to save every minute of it. IF you’re too busy snapchatting and scrolling Facebook before the show, you won’t be able to film the best songs.

How to Act During the Show

  1. Don’t scream unnecessarily. No one likes you when you do that.

  2. Don’t scream out rude things, especially at inappropriate times. I will never forget the girl who decided that halfway through “When I Was Your Man,” a high school age girl screamed “TAKE MY VIRGINITY” to Bruno Mars and it was just awkward for everyone.

  3. Enjoy yourself! Feel free to sway to the music and sing along. The artists want that! Just keep it appropriate and keep to your area.

  4. Always, always, always clap! These people are performing for you! Make sure to clap and holler or whatever to show your appreciation for their hard work.

How to Act After the Show

  1. Clap for them until they leave! Show your appreciation and love for all their hard work!

  2. Don’t bitch. We all know those people who leave the show and just say nasty things about whatever small bad thing that happened. Unless the artist was drunk on stage and started making racist remarks, it was most likely a 95% awesome show, so don’t be rude.

  3. Get home safely. Take a safe mode of transportation home and make sure you tell somehow you got home safely.


ARE YOU ALL READY TO ATTEND A CONCERT NOW?! I hope that my little guide has taught you how just some general concert etiquette and be the best at the concert. There really be an award for “I went to this concert and was not super obnoxious.”

Thank you all for reading!

Stay classy, Internet,










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