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How to Balance Everything But Your Checkbook

It’s that time of year again.

From school to work to social life to running all my little projects, I’m swamped with just about everything. And when that happens, life looks pretty bleak. You have no motivation and nothing gets done – resulting in life being a big, fat 0.

But that’s where balancing comes in! The best way to pull yourself away from that bleak lack of motivation is to balance everything in a way it all seems approachable. I have become a pro at coming up with tips that make balancing everything easier and more effective, meaning less work! Because the best you is the most relaxed you.

So, let’s check out these tips, eh?

How to Balance Everything, Except Your Checkbook

1. Organize

The more colourful, the more busy

The more colourful, the more busy

Before anything can be done, it must be organized. Whether it’s sticking all your schedules on a calendar (my iCal has about a gazillion different colours), using sticky notes on the wall, or using an app for all assignments or deadlines – like iStudiez – find a way that makes looking at everything not so hectic. Using a paper planner, such as my EC one, is a great one to also have everything from soccer games to work proposals all in one spot.

2. Prioritize

As much as we all like to do the easy stuff first, it’s about prioritizing what’s important before the easy. When you’re writing your to do list for the day, put the most important stuff first and star it. Nothing else on the list can be done before those. It’s a good way to get everything done without exhausting yourself with the easy stuff first. You can also use the Pomodoro timer theory to help with prioritizing and time management too.

3. Reward

The best way to get everything done is to have a reward at the end. Finish the reading? Here’s some Swedish Fish! Got the first draft done? Watch an episode on Netflix! Came up with your proposal? Enjoy this nap! The absolute best way to get things done is to reward yourself so that you feel that there is an incentive. And yes, the incentive is to pass the class/get a promotion/etc. but having your own personal one works too.


Who feels more balanced already? Tell me in the comments you best way to balance everything.

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