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How to Be Single on Valentine's Day

For the first time in two years I am single on Valentine’s Day. And I won’t lie – I’m really excited.


When you’re in a relationship Valentine’s Day is a very cut and dry holiday. But what about when you’re single? Easy, the playing field is open! You don’t have to do any of the normal romantic activities with a significant other. Instead, let’s celebrate the person you adore most – You.

Below is a compilation of ways to spend tomorrow’s holiday when you’re single and loving it.

The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s

1. Make your favourite meal

As a girlfriend, I’m pretty amazing. I will make you your favourite meal on Valentine’s Day. Don’t believe me? I remade P.F. Chang’s lemon chicken one year from scratch and it was incredibly difficult and delicious. But this year, it’s about what I want to eat. So say hello to Thai food galore all night long.

2. Take a bath

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I don’t need someone to draw me a bath with candles. I have hands. I’m going to break out all my vanilla and lavender candles and have a coconut oil and epsom salt bath with my favourite romantic ballads playing in the background. Boys, get on my level.

3. Buy a plant for your home

Ideen für Miniatur-Sukkulenten:

Who wants flowers that die by Friday? Go out and by yourself a beautiful plant to flourish in your home. Trader Joe’s currently has some beautiful succulents in ceramic vases for $7 that I think would look gorgeous on my window sill.

4. Dress up

I don’t need a dinner date to put on my best lipstick. Instead, I’m going to look amazing at work, the store, and anywhere else I decide to go tomorrow.

5. Eat some chocolate

Image result for elle woods chocolate gif

Whether you’re having a Elle Woods chocolate box night or have a sweet tooth like none other, treat yo’self to a little chocolate. And if you wait midnight, it’s going to be hella cheap. I’m seeing some discount dark chocolate in my future.

6. Buy yourself a drink

If you’re someone who goes to the bar on Tuesdays (I don’t judge you, you do you) then buy yourself a drink. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to make a move. Own that you are wonderful and your standards are too high for anyone and buy yourself a boozy drink to celebrate. Just make sure to call a taxi to go home.

7. Have a RomCom night

#husky #puppy                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

If you’re a homebody like me, maybe you’ll enjoy watching movies on your futon in pajamas with soy ice cream. Netflix and Hulu have a great selection of romantic comedies currently, so you should be able to get your mix of “Aw” and “That’s adorable” and, if you’re like me, “This is horribly unrealistic!”


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments.


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