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How to Catch Up With Life

I have been sick for most of today. My stomach has hurt, my head is throbbing, I feel that I can’t support my own body anymore. And it’s not because I’ve contracted an illness from someone. I’ve just reached my stress peak.

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I get stressed very easily. Just by reading this blog you know that I get stressed very easily. I’m one of those people that works myself to the bone and worries about every single little thing. It’s not a choice, it’s genetic.

Recently my stress has been horrible. School is ending in just about a month and I’m up to my ears in exams, credits, and trying to figure out how to finish these last four years and start these next four. It definitely hasn’t been a picnic. And I’m letting it get to me. However, I do not want you to be like me, so I’m putting together some tips for how you can avoid being Morgan and actually enjoy life! (just kidding, I like life. I’m just dying of what life is throwing at me)

How to Not Kill Your Internal Organs with Stress

Take care of your body. Eat right, exercise, groom regularly. These are all things that can help the mind process and develop correctly and therefore alleviate those stresses.

Keep your planner organized. Don’t just have a planner, but use it correctly. Color coordinate, use sticky notes, etc. That will help you stay on track and not overbook or confuse yourself.

Give yourself breaks. I fill my schedule to a point where I don’t know the next time I’ll be able to wash my hair, let alone finish homework. Make sure that you find time to be all about you and you won’t feel as overworked.

Keep everything in one place. There was one point where I looked at the front screen on my iPhone and realized I had six personal assistant apps. That’s about five apps too many. So I downgraded and figured out that I could use one app for things that don’t have a time restraint and another for those that don’t. Even though it isn’t one place, it’s definitely easier to manage and keep track of than six.

Avoid other’s stresses. Last Wednesday was university decision day and I have been racking in the university decision stress, only it isn’t my own. I’ve taken everyone else’s stress and piled it onto my mountain. Let that be their stress and be sympathetic, but don’t let it drag you down.

Get plenty of sleep. Seriously. When you don’t get a good nights rest, your body can’t function and handle the stress. This just makes you more cranky and unable to deal with your full plate. So grabs some Z’s and deal with it all in the morning.

I hope this has been helpful for you!






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