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How to Declutter Your Toiletry Bag

Does your toiletry bag bulge when you pack for a trip? The combination of dental hygiene, hair, and beauty products take up a lot of space. And you likely don't need everything you have packed. It's time to simplify your every day toiletries so you're only using the best - saving you space and money.

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Dental Hygiene

Are those toothbrushes you get at the dentist twice a year (plus the inventory of ones you buy at Target because you forget about the dentist brushes) taking up a ton of space? Consider donating your stash to a local shelter and buying a reusable toothbrush, like Quip. The subscription service sends you a new brush head every few months (for the same price as a drugstore toothbrush) so you don't have to buy in bulk to make sure you have a clean brush head.

Quip, and other similar subscription services, also have the option to send floss and toothpaste with your brush head. See, it's really easy to declutter your dental hygiene!

Hair Products

Everyone's hair is unique, and how we care for it is a whole different game than the next person. And there's not enough money in the world for straight-haired me to give advice to a curly-haired queen. But I can generalize enough to keep your packing to a minimum. Hair care is all about cleansing, conditioning, and treating. A solid shampoo, conditioner, and styling product is going to go a long way. Any other products are at your own discretion and I take no responsibility for the five texturizing sprays you try to smuggle past security.

Brands like Kristin Ess and Briogeo are great for affordable, quality products you can use at home and on the road.

Skin Care

If you've been here longer than five minutes, you know I love taking care of my skin and my bathroom is a shrine to skin care. But after years of an overflowing medicine cabinet, I know that you don't need a lot of products to have everything you need when traveling.

Stick. To. Basics. A gentle face cleanser, a great serum that you love, an eye cream, moisturizer, and an everyday sunscreen. Once you have these products paired down - that's all you need for traveling. At home you are welcome to stick as many creams on your face as you'd like (but please don't, your skin is not a fan), but only bring what makes your skin the absolute happiest when traveling. The climate change will be a shock enough for it, so give your skin some TLC.

As your stacking up your new, streamlined skincare, consider adding in less toxic products to your toiletry bag. The Clean Beauty Gals have an extensive list of the best natural products in every toiletry category, like these natural face moisturizers.


As someone with four different foundations in my makeup bag right now, I am taking my own advice. You don't need to bring everything with you! But how do you choose what to bring on your trip so you don't have a small Sephora in your carry on? Personally, the day before I pack I do my makeup just as I would for the trip - whether it be for the beach, the mountains, or the city. Every product I use goes straight into my toiletry bag. I bring nothing more. Unless you have a special event you want to use specific makeup for, live a little minimally and only bring that one look. I promise no one is paying that much attention when you post your #vacation pics to Instagram.


Does your toiletry bag feel a lighter? What do you want me to declutter next?

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