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How to Enjoy a Movie

I am one of those people under the belief that a movie is a sacred thing. Not sacred as the cow to the Hindus, but it’s still a pretty special thing. So much work and money goes into making a movie, so it’s only fair to watch it with a certain amount of respect. Therefore, if you want to get the best movie experience, or just want to experience a movie like this film buff, here is how you do it.

How to Enjoy a Movie the Film Buff Way

Have the right crowd. If you are going to watch Spider-Man, invite your pro-Spider-Man friends. Don’t invite your friends that hate superhero films. Having the right crowd is essential to having the best film experience, as having the wrong crowd can lead to a room of people texting because they aren’t into the movie you chose. I have a friend who invited several mates over to watch her favorite movie, but no one enjoyed themselves because it wasn’t their kind of movie. Avoid that disaster by inviting people who like the sort of film you are going to be showing.

Eat the right food. About a year ago, ABC Family had a showing of Dirty Dancing. Despite my mother calling me crazy, I saved up a new pasta recipe just for the showing. Tortellini with butter, lemon, and garlic salt. It was so delicious and helped in making me enjoy the film even more! Having the right food, whether it be a gourmet pasta dish or popcorn, can make the movie watching experience ever greater.

Sit in the right place. It is impossible to watch, let alone enjoy, a movie if you are uncomfortable. Whether it be on the couch, the floor, sitting up, or lying down, be comfortable before you press play. Otherwise, expect to end the two hours with back pain and no idea what the movie was about.

Have IMDB open. Whether it is having your iPhone by your side, or having your laptop open on the coffee table, have IMDB open. Because when you are watching a movie and recognize an actor but cannot remember his name it will drive you insane. Take the SyFy series Neverland. I was watching that one night and recognized the main character from some movie, but I couldn’t put a name to it. Luckily I had IMDB open, so I could quickly identify Charlie Rowe, and figure out that he was in Pirate Radio.

Read the trivia. You’ve finished the movie. Wahoo! However, the experience isn’t over yet. Go to websites like IMDB, EW, Total Film, and Oh Joy! are great places to find movie trivia and fun facts. Learning the little tidbits makes movies much more interesting. I remember watching High School Musical and later learning that the entire soundtrack was recorded in five days. Stuff like that makes a movie ever better!

And that is how you enjoy a movie the film buff way! I hope that next time you watch a movie you keep these steps in mind and enjoy a movie like you never have before!

Have a great weekend! I’m excited to see my grandparents and get a little suntan. What are your weekend plans?

P.S. Keep on checking Cheese, Chocolate & Waffles for the next installment to my travel diary. Day 2 should be up soon!

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