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How to Feel Better

If you’ve been reading my Twitter (@teenenthusiasm) then you’ll know that starting yesterday I have been feeling quite poorly. That’s why the post I was going to put up yesterday was pushed back today and changed into this one.

As I am ill, I have been taking care of myself and trying to get better as quickly as possible. And I thought I’d share with you guys my steps towards feeling better. So, let’s go!

1. Tea it Up!

A cup of hot tea is such a great way to clean yourself out and warm up your shivering body. This morning I’ve been obsessed with mint green tea. The mint helps my nose and green tea is just good for you. Spicy teas are also good, especially if your nose is really clogged up.

2. Listen to Music

This is going to sound odd, but listening to music really does help. I put together poppy, catchy playlists and listen to them all day. The upbeat music keeps me from feeling down and helps me keep my mood neutral. Above is a screenshot of my current ‘Morgan is Ill’ playlist. As you can tell, British boy bands make really good music for when you are ill (Busted,McFly, One Direction).

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Part of being sick is being able to wear really ridiculous comfy clothes. Today I am wearing a sweater and my yoga pants tucked into my snowflake socks. Not only do I look good enough to attract every boy in my neighborhood, but I’m not cold and I’m really comfortable. There is nothing worse than when I have to get presentably dressed for school or whatever and I have to wear uncomfortable clothing, which just adds to the misery of being sick. Treat yourself to some sweats and patterned socks. You deserve it.

4. Eat Those Carbs

I know it’s all about keeping your figure, especially with all the New Year’s resolutions of staying fit. However, carbs make you happier and they just taste really good when you feel like poo. So treat yourself to some toast or a sandwich. Sure, your waistline might suffer, but your sanity will stay intact.

5. Take Some Medicine

I hate medicine just as much as any average person, but we all know it all makes us gag at the thought. Especially as I am a person who hates sickly sweet imitation flavors. However, just suck it up and take it. I swear you’ll feel a little better.

6. Watch These Videos

Over the past week people have been posting videos to my Facebook Timeline and sending them to me on Twitter. There’s a little Dustin Hoffman, some Emma Stone, and quite a bit of One Direction. And it’s all completely hilarious.

How can you just not die when Dustin Hoffman comes out?

Saturday Night Live just wins all the feels.

Manuel Ortiz. (Sorry, the video won’t load on here, so just click the link!)


And those are my steps to feeling better! I hope they will help you feel better and that you all have a super great week!

Stay class Internet!

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, One Direction has taken over my life. You can blame it all on my friends. And how entertaining they all are.






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