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How to Focus & Get Stuff Done

Sitting in the middle of midterms week and have no motivation to do anything?

I am 100% on your level.

There’s something about crunch time that makes all motivation go out the window. No matter how much you try, finishing that project is just not going to happen. And that’s when you need your friendly neighbourhood blogger to come and show you how to gain back that focus and get everything done!

How to Focus & Get Stuff Done, The Enthusiast Way

1. Get distractions out of the way first

Yes, I could work on this essay, but I could also write a blog post, reorganize my moisturizers, text my friends about very important spring break plans, vacuum my room, or wash my hair. All of those seem much more important than writing my essay. And once they’re done, I’ll have nothing else to procrastinate with.

2. Set easy goals

Tell yourself if you finish two paragraphs you get a break. If you read the book you get to have a snack. And if you stay focused for an entire hour it’s time for a much deserved Netflix break.

3. Do something physical during breaks

Sitting on your computer during work breaks makes sitting doing the work even more tedious. Do something physical during breaks, like walking, running, or even just a quick dance break, to break up the monotony of sitting.

4. Outline

Weirdly enough, when I outline my essays before I write them, writing them is so much easier. And the writing time is usually less. Outline your essays, which is usually pretty simple, and suddenly actually writing them seems to take a lot less time. And it’s easier to focus when all your points are already written down.

5. Reward with something you really want

The reward of being finished is not enough when you’ve written a 10-page paper. But that new NARS blush? Some Chipotle? A long snuggle fest with Netflix and bae? Those are all rewards that we’re willing to write 20-page papers for.


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