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How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing)

DISCLAIMER: Results will vary.

The biggest quest a girl can go on is the quest to get a boy to like her. For him to pine for her affection and eventually ask her out. It’s an art that can take years to perfect. So, to save all you ladies the trouble, I’ve made your step-by-step guide on how to get a boy to like you, without him even noticing that you’re doing it.

Note: If some of your questions aren’t answered in this post, make sure to check out Part 2 and 3 of this series too! Part 2: How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself) Part 3: How to Tell if a Boy Likes You (And Other Real Boy Advice)

Ready? Let’s start.


  1.  If he works, make sure to drop by regularly. If he works on Mondays, drop by casually every Monday for ‘errands’. This works best if he works at a grocery store, bank, or another retail shop. If he works in an old folks’ home or a high-tech government building this isn’t the smartest way to do it. It won’t seem like you’re stalking him at work, but rather as you doing your own thing and seeing him doing his. After a few times, he’ll come to expect you and you’ll be on his mind. And when you don’t come one time, he’ll probably ask you why next time he sees you.

  2. Try not to hit him. Even if you think it’s flirtatious. Take this from my own personal experience. In about four years you will look back on it and think, “Wow, was I really stupid enough to think it was cute to punch him in the arm?” By not being like the other stupid girls, you’ll be set apart and not seem like you’re trying, which he’ll appreciate. Well, that and your lack of participation in his bruises.

  3. If you are still in school and have a class with him, sit near him. I don’t mean right next to him, but close. Close enough that he definitely is aware that you are sitting there every day. And if he has questions or needs help, you are only a slight lean over. It will seem like you’re sitting there for your own purposes, so he won’t think it’s because you like him. Plus, if you do start dating, you’ll already sit next to each other in class!

  4. When he talks to you, do not twist your hair or talk like you’re Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. No, no, no. Smile a lot (unless it’s strictly non-smile conversation), look him in the eye, and keep an open body language (no arm crossing). He’ll be drawn to how confident and nice you seem. Every boy wants a nice girl to be with, and this way when you are on his mind, he’ll be thinking about your nice smile. He won’t even notice you’re doing it purposefully.

  5. Laugh at his jokes only if they’re good. Now, if they’re not but you know he was trying, laugh. But if it’s just some lame thing he said, don’t laugh. He’ll notice how fake you are. By laughing at his jokes, you’ll give him a sense of confidence and good self-esteem. This attitude will give him confidence and subconsciously remind him that you did it to him. You’ll be on his mind without him even noticing it.

  6. If he plays a sport, go to all his sports games. When you see him the next time and he asks if you went to the game you can say yes and give him little stories about how good he did or what your favorite part was. He’ll like your participation and since lots of other people go to games, won’t even suspect your only pretending to like the sport because you like him!

And that is how you get a guy to like you without him even noticing you’re doing it. It will seem natural and you can definitely bond over sports if all the rest goes wrong. Have fun flirting and getting the guy of your dream!

If these tips really did work for you, please say so in the comments!

P.S. If you’d like more “Step-By-Step”-like guides, say so in the comments or post so on my Facebook page.

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