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How to Get Away With Wearing Lazy Clothes

9 times out of 10 I am in lazy clothes when I’m running to class. As I type this, I’m wearing yoga leggings paired with a long-sleeve v-neck and a flannel. It’s all the lazy clothes compiled into one outfit. Lazy clothes are a staple of collegiate wardrobes.

And I’m going to show you how to pull them off.

First, let’s define lazy clothes. Leggings, sweatpants, oversized shirts, sweatshirts, and slippers. All of these can be lazy clothes, or pajama day wear. When you want to be comfortable for class, these are your go-to. But if you work between classes (like a certain enthusiast) or meet with a professor, wearing your sweats and sneakers is taboo. You need something comfortable for class that looks like you put the effort in. And, surprisingly, you can do that all in your lazy clothes.

Lazy Clothes, Applied to Real Life


Two rules. 1) Loose top 2) Do your hair. My mother continually reminds me to cover my bum when I wear leggings. But wearing a looser top does the same thing. Choosing to pair your leggings with a loose/baggier top, complete with some accessories like boots and a scarf, gives you comfort and a faux-effort look. Just make sure to avoid a messy bun so you look like you rolled out of a meeting, not bed.


This one is pretty tricky. Sweatpants cannot be disguised. But they can be glamorized. The trick to wearing sweatpants in public is to keep it formfitting with polished pieces. Pair your sweatpants with a more fitted shirt (with a print for some pizzaz) and add in structured loafers or pointed flats to keep it professional. Sweats don’t have to look dingy, and people will take a second look at your look when they realize those aren’t slacks you’re wearing, but the same thing you drank wine and watched How I Met Your Mother in last night.


How in the world do you make an oversized shirt work? Easy, you tuck it in. What makes an oversized shirt so comfy is that it envelopes you in warmth and hides any hip imperfections. But that makes you look like a sack, which is not in vogue. By simply tucking your shirt into the front of your pants, or belting it at the waist, you create definition that is completely appropriate for work, or for showing off your gym workout.


I love my sweatshirts. But it’s hard to make them look professional when I’m sitting in my receptionist’s chair. But that’s where careful layering and well chosen pieces comes in. By pairing your old hoodies with a more structured jacket and a button up, you go from last week’s midterm mess to a workplace professional. Also, be aware that it all works when the color scheme of all three pieces works well and the pattern is minimal, so don’t go pairing any turquoise and orange with rainbows and expect to look like the boss.


My boyfriend and i are both continually guilty of wearing slippers in public. My Minnetonkas are just so comfortable! But wearing them to work is a no-no if I don’t dress them up. Slippers become comfy shoes when you pair them with flirty dresses. Choose a more eye-catching dress (so no one is checking your shoes) and make sure that it is more of a warm-weather dress, just to keep your season in touch. Pairing the two will make you look winter-ready, and you’ll be nice and snuggly for your hot chocolate date.


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