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How to Make the Best First Impression

In the last five days I have met so many new people professionally that I’m amazed I don’t have dancing business suits in my dreams. And all of this meeting professionals has reminded me how important first impressions are. Presenting yourself to people is a huge deal and knowing how to make a bang with your impression is something we all need to do! And that’s why I have come up with some easy steps to make sure that you are impressive as heck in your impression.

Your Best First Impression: Your Handy Guide

Don’t tank your cover letter

Yeah, cover letter’s are hard to write, but they’re essential for getting to that actual interview. It’s more than just listing why you’re great for the job, you have to sell yourself! Talk about not only why you’re interested, but why your interest will benefit the company. Use visually interesting language, make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and have a few friends read it to make sure your personality shines through.

Shake their hand

Yes, we all know the old handshake rule, but it is IMPORTANT! Even since I was a child my dad has reminded me to have a firm handshake, and it has definitely benefitted me, personally and professionally. A lot of people (men especially) notice someone’s handshake and believe it contributes a lot their character. So have a strong handshake to have strong character!


When first meeting someone, they are going to remember your face. And if it has a frumpy frown on it, that is probably not going to get you the job. Having an easy, natural smile on your face while meeting people will put people at ease and generally make your first impression awesome! And don’t forget to brush your teeth before. Coffee and sweets can stain our teeth {ruining those pearly whites} so consider investing in a teeth whitening treatment before the big day – being clean is essential.

Don’t just talk – listen

Because you’re trying to impress people, you’re going to try to fit everything you can in when first meeting someone. But that’s overwhelming and can set people off. Instead, listen to where the natural flow of the conversation is and go with that. If they want to talk a lot, let them. If they’re looking to you to talk, talk. And if they seem unsure of what to do, you can’t go wrong by simply saying, “I’m so happy to finally meet you.”

Just relax

It’s going to be very obvious if you’re not relaxed and prepared. My mom did an interview a few years ago and said that when people are unprepared they tend to overcompensate by talking fast and sporadic, which is not professional. If you go into your interview prepared, you will naturally be more relaxed and will probably ace your interview more than someone who didn’t prepare.


So, who’s ready to give a killer first impression?

Stay classy, Internet,

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