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How to Mentally Prepare For 2018

We’re a week into 2018 and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel. It’s a year where I want change and success and peace, and to get there I need to prepare for all that’s going to happen for the next 365 days.

While having brunch with a girlfriend this weekend {where I made the best French toast bake} we talked about what 2018 has in store for us. Both of us are feeling very career driven this year and we both feel like we’re staring at a blank map. How do we get to where we want to be? Are we even ready to get there? Why does this feel so overwhelming? It left me feeling very inquisitive to how to prepare for a change that I desperately want without the stress. Along with the many other changes that I anticipate in 2018.

I know many of you probably feel similarly with your resolutions and are trying to plan out how you’re going to dominate 2018 without losing your head. We’re together on this. So I made a list of ways to mentally prepare for 2018 so that we can achieve the most in the best year yet.

The 2018 Mental Health Prep Guide

1. Write it all down

The first step to anything is to write it down. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish this year, from getting a degree to learning to handle depression better. Let that list be you making yourself accountable. And each time you look at it, know that you’re working toward that goal.

2. Be the part

In fifth grade I heard on the radio that people who like their appearance perform better. It has 100% changed my life. If you’re looking career success, invest in a new suit. Want to write a novel? Buy a new notebook. If your plan is to be less stressed in 2018, let’s look into some jasmine tea.

3. Find your support system

A support system comes in many forms. And I can’t tell you how to get yours. For me, it’s come from being around people who can relate. Lately I’ve been spending time with people who understand my want for success and serenity {yes, I do believe they can be synonymous} and have had so many great conversations sharing ideas. They have been a support system I didn’t even know I needed, and now I can’t imagine going through my journey without them. Find your tribe and find yourself mentally ready to take on your goals.

4. Create an incentive

Part of getting good grades in high school was getting into college. And good grades in college led to a degree. So what does doing well in life achieve? Create rewards for yourself for when you reach milestones in your goals. From a doughnut when you finish a report to a trip to Vegas, something to look forward to helps you keep on track and keep your head up when things take a rough turn.

5. Take a breather

At the end of the day, you’re doing the best you can. And if no one’s told you today, I think you’re doing awesome! Go you! The work/life balance really doesn’t exist, and we just need to know that we’re trying our best. Don’t forget to take a breather when you need it, and to make time for yourself. Yes, it feels awesome to see those pounds dropping off, but don’t forget to curl up on the sofa and Netflix it to keep your drive and sanity.


2018 is the year of finding peace within ourselves and I can’t wait to achieve serenity and success with you!

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