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How to Organize Your Life

Life is messy.

With school, work, and other life events, actually keeping up with what is going on is almost impossible. But that’s why the good Lord invented organization. Organization is a life saver that makes the world go round. Some people use one form of planner to organize everything. Some people -me- use a bunch of planners to stay organized. And with my new term starting and with spring cleaning being a thing right now, I thought I would share with you what I think are the best forms of planners to stay on top of your busy life.

How to Organize Your Life – Results May Vary

1. Planner

Yeah, here's a preview of my birthday week. 18 Things I Learned at 18 will be up April 24th!

Yeah, here’s a preview of my birthday week. 18 Things I Learned at 18 will be up April 24th!

While I am a total technie, nothing beats an old-fashioned planner. I use the Gallery Leather Weekly Planner and it is really great. In my planner I put in non-time-specific events, flight information, penciled-in events, birthdays, and a few more things that aren’t set in stone. I like this layout because when I open my planner I can see my week at a glance with things that aren’t school or work.

2. Clear App

Well, now all my secrets are revealed!

Well, now all my secrets are revealed!

This is my baby. I have the Clear app for my phone, iPad, and Mac. That way I can update my daily tasks on any of my devices. I organize them by day of the week and it is the most helpful thing ever. This way I don’t get bogged down by a long list of things for the week, but can organize them into days. It’s great for packing lists, so you can just tick off items as you put them in your suitcase. Also, it’s electronic so I don’t have to pencil anything in.

3. iStudiez

So much Women in World HIstory homework...

So much Women in World HIstory homework…

I know I’ve discussed this app before, but it is incredibly wonderful. Organize your semester, classes, professors, and assignments in this amazing iStudiez app. Just like Clear, this can be used on my Mac, phone, and iPad, meaning I can access my class schedule and assignments no matter what device I am on. As someone who is taking 16 credits, it is nice to have a place that organizes my school work so neatly.

4. Mac Calendar

As you can see, I have no free time ever.

As you can see, I have no free time ever.

Time in class, professor’s office hours, work hours, and every other event in my life that happens on a regular basis is recorded in Apple’s Calendar app. If you haven’t guessed already, I am a pure Apple user (and I recommend everyone else should be because it has been amazing) and I love the Calendar app. It lays out everything so nicely and syncs to all your devices, meaning you can access it anywhere.

5. Reminders App

Yes, I am looking into self-publishing. Yes, mother, I am getting my rental agreement this weekend.

Yes, I am looking into self-publishing. Yes, mother, I am getting my rental agreement this weekend.

Okay, so the Apple Reminders app is actually a new addition to my organization system. I have lots of tasks that would work well for my Clear app, but are so far ahead in time that putting them there would be ridiculous. So that’s why I use the Reminders app. Tasks I need to complete in a couple weeks, list of things to complete when a certain event happens in the future, and toys to buy when I have the money. Something I didn’t think I would need, but has been very helpful in the task that is making my life easier.


And those are my organization tips! Organizing life can be very difficult, but I hope I have introduced some systems that work well for me. May one of them work for you, or feel free to just use my system! Whatever it might be, choose something that works for you.

What are some organization tips you’d like to share? I have yet to find one for money/receipts and I’d appreciate some feedback!

Well, I am off to enjoy the beautiful Eugene sunshine and read about microeconomics while dealing with a minuscule porcupine rolling around in my throat.

Stay classy, Internet,


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