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How to Surprise Your Family

Today I write this blog post from the comfort of home!

That’s right, I kind of went secret spy and surprised my parents by coming home for the weekend. I know, hold your applause until the end.

Might have come home for the weekend. Might have surprised my parents. Might be sleeping in my own bed. And by might be, I mean I am. — Morgan Hegarty (@PotatoesHegarty) May 24, 2014

You see, as much as I always think of awesome surprises, I actually never pull any. Especially since I don’t like surprises pulled on me. Seriously, if you mess with my plan I will be cranky until I get back on track. My future husband needs to be taking notes.

Anyway, as this is Memorial Weekend and I haven’t seen my family in eight weeks, this seemed an opportune time to come and visit. But telling my family would take away all the fun, so I surprised them. And surprised them as I did, because I’m pretty sure my dad was never going to move when I greeted him on the stairs.

I’m so happy to be home with all my loved ones and my bed. And tomorrow I get to fangirl over the Billboard Awards with the bestests so that’s going to be even more happiness. I’m a whole lot of happy right now! Coming home and surprising everyone was really great, so I decided I would make my own little guide on how you can surprise people too, so enjoy! (I’m going to go get more cuddles and home cooked food in the meantime.)

How Lying to Your Family for Two Weeks Is Actually Worth It (A Step-By-Step Guide)

1. Have someone else in on the secret

I know keeping everyone in the dark is super fun, but it can also lead to issues, so have someone else in on it. For me, I told my friend Alex because she was going to be my ride home, but then I ended up telling my best Katy because she was then my ride home. Because getting from the airport to my actual house is kind of important. And then I told my brother because I needed someone to keep my family from deciding to vacation to Cancun for the weekend. Without having them in on the plan, I don’t think it would have fun as smoothly.

2. Limit your conversations

Within twenty minutes of a Skype call, I almost blurted to my family my entire plans for the weekend. That could have gone badly. So I decided to have limited interaction (mostly texts and one video call) and during that time I tried not to be too obvious in my curiosity of their Memorial Day weekend plans. And it wasn’t until I was sitting on my couch at home that my parents were suddenly like, “You know, now that you say something I guess you were acting kind of weird.” Goes to prove that keeping your mouth shut truly is the best way to keep a secret.

3. Lie. Lie a lot.

As I sat in the airport at five o’clock yesterday waiting for Katy to pick me up, my mom called me wanting to chat. She was thinking of coming up to my school and having a nice weekend together. To avoid blurting out my secret (and from her overhearing the airport conversation) I told her an elaborate story of how I was actually heading to dinner at the moment with a friend and couldn’t talk, but we should Skype later that night. After that conversation my dad and I chatted and I told him a similar story. It felt bad to lie, but my surprise would be kind of ruined if I told the truth, wouldn’t it? Sometimes lying is a skill that isn’t all that bad.


And that’s how you surprise people! I am so glad to be home because I’ve really missed my family. Don’t ever take them for granted because you won’t realize how much you miss them until you’re away from home for long periods of time. Eight weeks is a lot longer than it seems. But anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones and that you get some rest. I’m still recovering from my across-Oregon jet lag.

God bless those who gave their lives to our country.

Stay classy, Internet,










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