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How to Survive Finals

Finals. Probably the most stressful time for a student. Tests worth more than you weigh. Thousands of tiny black words in textbooks. Stress oozing out of you like acne pus. It doesn’t sound pretty, does it? Finals bring out the worst in everybody. I know, I just took mine. And I believe that finals should not be a time where we are so stressful that we snap at everything like crocodiles. So I might have possibly, just maybe, come out with some tips to staying sane.

1) EAT

I’m not saying gorge yourself on chocolate and corn nuts, but I’m also not saying starve yourself. Having regular, balanced meals three times a day with small snacks inbetween with lots of water will help you in more ways than one. Studies show that when your stomach is satisfied you perform better on tests and your stress can be slightly decreased. Plus, your waistline won’t expand as it would if your diet consisted of Mt. Dew and chips.


My mom always chides me on this, but take plenty of study breaks. I know it sounds counterproductive, but taking a break helps you learn. Pouring over a textbook for six hours means you studied for about two and glazed over the next four. By setting yourself goals, you will accomplish all of your work and you won’t feel like a zombie. Example: I will read twenty pages of my AP Govt. textbook, then check Twitter, then finish my Trig assignment, then watch a YouTube video, then work on my Biology study guide. I’ve accomplished all the same work, only my brain is still intact.


Everything is better when you get a prize. Why should finals be any different? By giving yourself a little treat at the end (besides good grades) you’ll want to study hard because you really want that pressie. For my finals week, I bought myself some TOMS and let me tell you, all that studying was definitely worth it!


You’re going to be cranky. I understand. However, putting a smile on your face is going to make you seem a lot more pleasant and people might think you actually enjoy life even though inside you are dying.


And that’s how you survive finals week! And you did it with little-to-none grey hair and without losing your friends! What are some of your tips for staying sane finals week? Leave them in the comments below!

Stay classy Internet,






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