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How to Take Care of Yourself as an Adult

So, you’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the past week considering I haven’t been posting.

I’ve been so caught up with work and making lovely new friends (!!) and general life stuff that I forgot to take care of myself and ended up with a nasty cold/headache situation that left me with no energy and a penchant for comfort food and movies. It doesn’t sound that bad, but I can’t remember the last time my head wasn’t hurting.

This misfortune was a blessing in disguise, as it reminded me that self care as an adult is very important. It’s easy to take on too much – even fun stuff – and forget that keeping yourself healthy is also a priority. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of easy ways to take care of yourself before you get a cold/headache situation, or worse.

How to Take Care of Yourself As an Adult

You can't pour from an empty cup. Self care is important.:

1. Get plenty of rest

I know it’s hard to get enough sleep, especially when you have lots to do at night and need to get up early to head to work. A full REM cycle is about 7 hours 30 minutes, which is about how much sleep you need to feel fully rested. Plan your day out so that you can get to bed in time to get that 7.5 hours in, using things like the Bedtime feature for iPhone. Giving your body the rest it needs is the best care you can give.

2. Drink water, water, water

This one is difficult – trust me, I fail it all the time – but with some training you will find it a lot easier. For one week, challenge yourself to drink a specified amount of water each day. (If you’re wondering how much water you should drink for your body, check out this handy equation.) Apps like Waterlogged can help you track your progress and send you reminders. A tip is to have a water bottle in the places you use most – like your office, home, in your car, etc. so that you can be hydrated no matter where you are.

3. Have a night of relaxation

Life gets hectic, but you deserve breaks. Take one night a week and reserve it for “you” time. Don’t go out, don’t stress about anything, just spend the night doing what relaxes you, whether it be a bath, a movie, or playing video games. Sometimes giving yourself a little down time can help strengthen your immune system, which can weaken when you put a lot of pressure on yourself.

4. Meal prep

I’m not saying you have to spend an afternoon putting food in food containers to take care of yourself. But taking some time to plan out what you’ll be eating all week – and making it easily available – can insure that you’ll be eating a balanced diet no matter where your week will take you. We all have those unexpected afternoon meetings where we have to be across town. Skip the Burger King drive-thru and dig into a turkey and cheddar you packed.

5. Take vitamins

There’s a reason we encourage children to take vitamins, but why did we stop doing that with adults? There’s vitamins that can help with a multitude of health problems and can help us live long, healthy lives. Go grab some vitamins!

6. Take deep breaths

Yes, sitting in front of your mirror breathing can be beneficial, but we’re talking more of sitting back and thinking straight. It is easy to overload our schedules, especially when we’re already busy and going 100mph and six people need something from us. But take a deep breath the next time you’re in that situation and think about how it will affect you. Can you actually take that on? Is it going to cause mental distress? If the answer to either of those is no, you know what you need to do. Helping at Karen’s baby shower if you have a nervous breakdown isn’t going to help either of you.


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