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How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

Note: Results will vary.

So, due to the amount of comments and emails I keep on receiving due to How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing), I thought another post on a similar subject might be appreciated. I had a lot of people ask me about this particular subject, so I hope you like it!

Note: The third part of this series is now up: How to Tell if a Boy Likes You (And Other Real Boy Advice)

Now, in the traditional form of dating, the boy goes out of his way to court a girl before he tells her he likes her. Unfortunately, times change, people got hip with it, and that whole traditional form went out the window. Another way to put that is that, girls, if you want to date a guy, there’s a chance you’re going to have to make the move.

Now I know you’re all thinking, “OH MY GOD! I AM NOT MAKING THE FIRST MOVE! ARE YOU KIDDING?!? HE IS GOING TO LAUGH IN MY FACE!” And yeah, if you do just tap him on the shoulder and say, “Hey, I like you. Let’s date” he will laugh in your face and probably never talk to you again. Mostly because that’s really creepy.

How to Ask a Boy Out (Without Seeming Like a Creeper)

  1. DO NOT ask him while he is around a group of friends. Ask him when he’s alone. The conversation should go sort of like “Hey, can you meet me in the library before school?” Getting him alone will let him know you mean serious business. And since his friends aren’t around you won’t have the distracting “You ready to go, mate?” thing going on.

  2. Phrase it in a way that seems like it’s a mutual decision, not a command. “We should go out,” sounds like you are a Sultan and he is your slave. “I was thinking that, since we get along so well, we should go to Olive Garden on Friday,” sounds like fun. And like he’s not your slave. By just casually asking if he wants to go to dinner makes the start of  a relationship happen, and if he says yes, he’s basically laying it all on the table and saying, “Yeah, I like you too.”

  3. Dress nicely when you do it. Seriously, if you ask him out when you are wearing holey jeans and a ratty sweatshirt, he’s going to take one look at how you take care of yourself and say no. However, if you’re wearing clean, intact clothes, you have a slightly higher chance he’ll say yes. If sounds funny compared to the stereotype of messy boys, but guys really do care if you look nice or not. He doesn’t want a girlfriend who looks like she’s never heard of a washer or a brush. He wants someone who knows how to put herself together so that she can take care of him too.

  4. Look him in the eyes. It makes a big difference when you ask someone a question and you’re staring at their shoes than when you’re looking at their eyes. (A tip: If you have trouble making eye contact, stare at the space between their eyes. It looks exactly the same.) A guy wants to connect with you, so give him one. Eye contact is the easiest way to let him see that you really like him and think you’d make a great couple.

  5. Be yourself. Yeah, we’re going to get mushy here, but really do be yourself. When you ask someone out, you need to give them the real you. Not the girl you wish you were or the girl you think he’d like better than you. If he’s going to date you, then show him who you really are. A good relationship is a truthful relationship. By just letting all your (cute) little quirks get in the middle of your conversation, he’ll see what a genuine person you are and be excited that such a great person is asking him out!

And those are my tips on asking a boy out! I hope they are helpful to you on your endeavors into the world of dating. If you just calmly say, “Hey, I really like you. Would you like to go bowling on Saturday?” chances are there could be a relationship brewing. Please leave in the comments if these tips worked for you or any other questions you might have on this topic.

Also, something I thought of! If this, or my last post on the topic, helped you snag your little boyfriend, send me an email at of a picture of you two. I would love to see the happy couples I’ve helped create!

So yeah, there’s that. I wanted to thank you all for reading because what I’m doing here, this whole blogging thing, it’s what I love most about my life. I love blogging and reading your comments and just getting to know these great people just through my writing. Thank you all for just being the best audience ever!


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