I Am Terrified of Adult Life (A Q&A)

Happy Monday, Enthusiasts! It’s week 3 of the term and it’s safe to say that my roommates and I cannot wait for winter break (really, why is fall term always so exhausting?) I figured the best way to get into the week groove is to start it off with some Q&A, so you asked some Q’s and I did some A’s and now here’s the result!

The Real Answers of Morgan (While She Procrastinates Responsibility)

How’s living on your own?

Not going to lie, I’m living the life. I made pancakes yesterday morning, I have solid wifi, and I have discovered where three brawny men live in my building if I ever come across an axe murderer. I’ve got this living on my own thing down pat.

What’s it like living with roommates?

I have three roommates and it’s a pretty ideal situation. We get along great, we clean our messes, and I have zero complaints. Yes, it is an amazing experience. We even have a special Thursday night where we watch “Project Runway,” “Breaking Amish,” and “Gypsy Sisters” while watching the courtyard. Definitely recommend 10/10.

What are the best/easiest college dinners?

Click the picture to find the food

I’m really busy all day with being on campus, so when I get home I try to make something vaguely healthy, yet simple before I do homework and crash. I would recommend protein (like chicken nuggets) with a small salad, or getting those pre-made dinners and serve them with frozen veggies. Simple, cost-effective, and good for you!

What’s the hardest part of adult life?


Wait, you’re vegetarian now?

Yeah! Going on two months next week! And before you veggie shame me, let me tell you that veggie chicken nuggets are just about the most delicious thing on the planet. To learn more about this whole thing, check out my post about my decision.

What’s something exciting that happened to you lately?

My on-time rent didn’t go through for some reason and I almost got evicted. THAT’S TERRIFYINGLY EXCITING!

(Thank the apartment lords that my rent was paid and I am now 100% secure in my living situation.)

What’s something you’re excited for?

The end of the term? Not having homework? Eating home cooked food?

How’s school going?

It’s awesome and scary and interesting and stressful all at the same time. Wait, aren’t those lyrics to a Taylor Swift song? I just started this program with the journalism school that’s really intensive, and I’m trying to find my footing with all of it. Because if I don’t, failing this course is BAD and I’m going to have to find a new passion.

Oh, and then there’s Econ where we read a book called, “How to Lie with Statistics” and it’s made me question every statistic or fact I’ve ever read.

What classes are you taking?

Two journalism classes called Gateway. Basically you chose an issue and make articles, slideshows, videos, etc. about it.

Economics 101, where you learn about economics, but in a journalistic way.

Fitness Dance, where I work off all my ice cream sandwiches while dancing to “Turn Down For What.”

5 things you’re really into right now?

“Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon

Braided bangs

Honey-wheat pancakes with chocolate chips

OS X Yosemite

Chai tea

Why are you so awesome?

The question is, why are you so awesome?

What advice would you give someone looking into starting up a blog?

Honestly, I think it’s all about passion. If you truly want to share whatever it is with the world and you feel like you can do that regularly, I say go for it. Blogging is about caring for your subject, and if you think you can do that for a long run, blogging is going to be great for you! I wouldn’t have had this blog for nearly 4 years if it weren’t for my love of giving advice, sharing my experiences, and trying to make sense of life.


How were those A’s? If you ever have questions, make sure to send them to me in the comments or on Twitter! I try to do these Q&A’s once a month, and I need your questions to do that!

I hope, as always, you were entertained by my answers and that you’ve enjoyed your time here on The Enthusiast. I’ll be back later this week for more amusing content from yours truly.

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