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I Would Like to Thank…

When you watch an awards show, there is typically that moment when the awardee comes to the stage, clutching their metal hunk, and spends about a minute thanking everyone they know as quick as they can.

I’m about to do that in blog form.

I have been blessed with some really amazing people in my life. People who have been their since the beginning (in that fateful hospital room 20.5 years ago) and some who are much more recent. Each of these people have done so much for me, and I can’t imagine my life without them. Which is why they deserve some very public thank you’s like the peeps at the Academy Awards.

I would like to thank…

My mom who has constantly supported me and leads me in the right direction when I am lost. You’ve gotten me to where I am now and I am so thankful despite how bratty I’ve been.

My dad who has also constantly supported me and kept me strong when I’ve felt weak. You’ve always taught me to go after my dreams and to never give up.

Reilly, my brother who has always been a pain in my side but also a fantastic person to grow up with and support.

Alex who is my partner in crime, my music sister, my forever friend, and the person who I know will always support whatever cockamame idea I come up with.

Miranda who is my fiancée in the friend way, you’re such an amazing friend and there is no one I would have rather dealt with this year more than you.

Drake who is singlehandedly the most amazing boyfriend ever. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t there for my midnight fevers or my socially anxious party attending or for being there every time I’ve needed someone this past year.

Everyone else who has made this journey possible. There are so many people who have supported me every step of the way and who have made all of this possible. All of you are everything.


Stay classy, Internet,










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